Chapter 3

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Argent POV (Point of view)
My casting for Argent (Noah Centineo)

Dad was making me tag along again today. Ah. The duties of an Alpha thus far have been nothing but mundane.

It wasn't like he was going to step down any time soon but I guess now that I am 18 and the search for my mate has awoken, he thinks it's time for me to take my future role more seriously.

Which sucks for me. I don't feel like this today, visiting the looney bin that our pack helps to fund as a way to try to fix the shit the vamps have done. It's honestly the last place I feel like going.

Knowing Amalie is there and we can't see her is going to kill me. Being that close to my twin and being denied access to her is going to fucking rip my heart out.

When I get my hand on the pricks who did this to her, they will wish they never tried to fuck with the Morningtown pack.

My phone buzzes next to me and shakes me from my thoughts. It's a text from dad.

Get your ass down stairs now!

Well that pretty much sums up how my day is going to go.

As we are driven over to BetaStone I have to internally remind myself that even though Amalie is there, we cannot see her today.

The doctor treating her said she is in no shape to have any visitors yet. She had awoken from her coma a few days ago and I was already running out the door when dad stopped me and explained that we couldn't see her for at least a week.
They had to make sure she was not a risk to us or herself.

Fucking vamps.

This is why our pack was funding the experimental treatment at BetaStone. Dr Jasper was a member of our pack, the father of our current beta and very experienced in vamp induced issues.

The maddening illness that affects us if we are bitten by a vampire is the only known affliction that could kill a werewolf in human or wolf form. Usually we can overcome any human illness that may come our way, what takes a human weeks to heal from takes us hours.

But this bite, induces madness. And we don't heal. Instead we go more and more mad. It causes delusions and we become a danger to ourselves and our pack.

Dr Jasper said that the worst part is the link that forms between us and the vampire that bit us. They can use it to control our thoughts and track us.

The last person to be affected in our pack was Dr Jaspers father and he went so mad that he led the vampires to the pack house and they killed a great many of our pack, including Dr Jaspers wife and child not to mention my aunt and many other women and children who were home when they attacked the house.

The Dr has spent the years since
working on a cure. And this is exactly the reason dad is heading there today. We need to cure Amalie.

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