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"Logan, where's our quote on quote, House?"

"I told you that we don't use - that, name anymore," the brown-haired male scolded with a hush voice. "But I hate the names Austin and Tiana, Logan and Savannah were better. Plus we haven't even changed our appearance, so who says that no one would recognise us by how we look like?" his sister argued.

Logan glared at Savannah, who looked out the passanger's window. "Savannah, Cloudale is a small isolated town. There's almost no connection to society there, all that's there are houses, schools, and everything but wifi. No one would even know of us there."

Savannah exhaled and sadly looked at her phone's wallpaper. It was a collage of her favorites in Riverdale.

Cheryl Blossom - her redhead, sarcastic, iconic best friend; Reggie Mantle - her male, jock best friend; Archie Andrews - another redhead friend; Jughead Jones - her weirdo, fandom-loving friend; Betty Cooper - the iconic blondie; and finally, Sweet Pea, her ex-boyfriend.

Savannah's dark eyes stayed onto the picture of Sweet Pea. She remembered their good times and how much she loved him, but then remembered their arguments before he broke up with her. The constant yelling between the two, either it was him being insensitive or her, it slowly broke their relationship.

She won't lie, she misses him and the rest of her friends.

"We're here," Logan announced, pulling into a driveway of a somewhat ordinary two-story home.

Savannah exited the car and glanced around. It reminded her of the ghetto area of New Jersey. Pot holes covered the street, the sidewalk cracked, and the houses beat down from the constant rain that came to Cloudale.

"Hey Savannah," Logan called out. Savannah faces her brother who was already beginning to move boxes inside. "Yeah?"

"Try to refrain from burning anything, better yet don't."

Savannah meekly smiled, holding her wrist. On her left wrist stayed a burn that she had received whilst running up the burning house to get a photo. Logan rolled his eyes, walking into the newly made house. Savannah's dark eyes met with a hazy blue of the girl across the street.

That girl sneered and walked into the unpainted house behind her. Savannah sighed and followed her brother into the new territory.

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