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A young woman in her early thirties was led on an old battered sofa; her hair was limp and plastered to her head. Despite the state she was in, her thin face was pretty, her green eyes were squeezed shut; sweat was dotted along her upper lip, as she braved the pain. She screamed as her stomach contracted. She felt as if she was about to be ripped in two and grasped the hand in hers tightly, her knuckles going white.

A man around the same age was knelt beside her; holding her hand, his face full of worry as he anxiously tried to soothe her. She screamed again as the contractions came thick and fast as she bore down as the final contraction came.

The smell of amniotic fluid, blood and sweat permeated the air. The young man knelt between her legs and coaxed the baby out of the birth canal. He looked up at the woman he had come to love and then back down at the slick covered pink thing that had begun to wail.

"Give it to me." She said, as she held her arms out. He was hesitant he didn't want that thing anywhere near her. This had been planted into her womb, forced upon her against her wishes and he wanted it dead.


He looked into her eyes and knew he couldn't do it. He squashed the thoughts of suffocating the abomination. It would devastate her.

He gave into her and placed it into her arms. He watched as she gazed in to the face with wonder and amazement, kissing the abnormal sloping forehead. It was in that single moment, he realised she was lost to him. Jealousy and hatred washed over him as he watched her bond with the child she'd given birth to.

"It's OK Carl, she's not one of them" she explained. But her words fell on deaf ears, he moved away; his heart wounded as he watched mother and child share a sacred bond.

The baby gazed up at her mother, her reptilian eyes huge. The child's skin rippled, as she changed her form, to match that of her Mother's. Elise gasped, as she beheld the tiny form in her arms. Who now resembled a perfect healthy human child, her eyes the only unchanging feature.

“I'll protect you sweetheart, with every breath.” She whispered to the infant as she held her close.

Carl left the room, his hatred and anger over whelming the grief he felt. He'd have his moment, he'd wait until that thing showed its true colours and he would be ready to kill it. He would watch and wait.

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