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From: Baby boy 🐿️💗


Yes baby?

You busy?

No, why?

Wanna come over?

Sure! Be there in 10 ^^

Okay <33

Exactly 10 minutes later, Minho was at Jisung's doorstep.

"Hi" he said as he hugged the younger as soon as the door was opened.


"So, what are we going to do today?"

"Err, I thought we could just, you know, chill out? Watch some movies maybe, if you want to of course. But if you have something else in mind we can do th-"

"Jisungie, you need to get rid of that habit of rambling! And I'm fine with anything, as long as I spend my day with you"

They spent the rest of their Saturday just cuddling until it was really late.

"I'm tired, let's go to my room and sleep" Jisung said as he snuggled even closer to Minho's chest.

"Oh? I didn't bring any spare clothes to sleep on"

"I know, I purposely didn't tell you to bring any clothes"

"Oh? Is that so?"

"Mhmm. I want to see you in my clothes"

"Well that's fair. Let's go, I'm sleepy too"

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