Chapter 8

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A couple newspapers littered the floor of Xerxes’ spacious living room. On a couple of pages, clear snaps of Idina and Sinclair talking, near a river bank could be seen. They knew they were being photographed, for they were staring straight into the lens as they walked, an odd, smile on the female’s lips. Skimming under the pictures were some paragraphs, which spoke of the whole ordeal between Xerxes and his mother months ago, about how he had warned her not to ever enter this town again. And yet, here she was, shamelessly ignoring the commands of the Alpha, which in turn had werewolves anticipating what Xerxes would do now.

Hands grabbed at the papers, shoving them into the trash bin, easily clearing the once messy floor. I straightened, watching as Xerxes shove the small bin into Greta’s waiting arms. Her nose wrinkled when I made eye-contact with her and with a quick half-twirl, she left the room.

“Did Sinclair tell you what he was talking to Idina about?” I asked Xerxes, once we were alone. He sighed heavily, as if the mere thought of his mother exhausted him.


I straightened further, tilting my head slightly as I looked up to him. “And?”

Taking long strides he crossed over to a wine cabinet, taking a  bottle and pouring himself a glass of the Burgundy wine. “My mother was discussing some plans to create a business with him."

He swallowed the liquid and then lifted the bottle again. Raising my brows, I pressed, “What sort of business?”

Bright eyes narrowed in concentration. “He spoke of clothes being sold at the building.” Shaking his head, he poured himself a glass once more, gripping it in his hand and stalked to his couch. “He will not be allowed to have any further contact with her whilst in this country. If he chooses to have anything to do with her, it must take place elsewhere."

No more words were spoken about Idina and Sinclair when Sissy suddenly entered the room, needing assistance with her homework. It was soon after that I realized that I too had some work to figure out for college, so I left the house.

Many hours later, after double checking that all my necessary textbooks and books filled with seemingly endless notes were packed away for Monday, I took a quick shower, grabbed my phone and opened up my laptop, turning it on. With a few taps on my device, I managed to get find the picture of the ring on my phone.

Attempting to research it led me to nowhere. The sun was beginning to rise, the sky brightening slowly outside. Disappointed, I sighed heavily, slumping in my wooden chair and staring at the photograph. I hadn’t slept throughout the night; I was far too consumed with the need to find anything to do with the strange rings.

Dejectedly, I placed the laptop away, resting my head on the table, allowing myself to get a little sleep, uncaring of the uncomfortable position I was in.


My mother fussed over the cushions on my sofa, rearranged a few vases with flowers which she had given me a couple months ago, to decorate the two tables I had in my small dining room. She was nervous and it showed. My brows lifted in amusement when she shoved a curtain into its holder, paused and then decided to take it out once more.

Giggles came from the living room and I briefly casted my eyes to my two younger siblings, who were munching hungrily on my chocolate. Their lips were smeared with the dark substance as they stared wide-eyed at the cartoon showing on the television screen.

“It’s such a lovely day today.” My mother quipped, my attention being brought back to her. Eyes flickered over her shoulder, towards the unusually bright blue sky and I nodded in agreement, resting on the armchair of my sofa.

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