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"I think princesses can be pretty badass"

He said calmly while I looked at him with complete disbelief in my eyes; I sat next to him hugging my knees tight to my chest while he looked at the sky.

The sky was turning a dark lavender and the breeze was gentle, it felt nice against my skin I enjoyed the silence for as long as it lasted.

"So you're feeling better?"

Taehyung spoke while looking giving me a nonchalant stare with which I replied which a smile nod.

"I'm glad~" he smiled before resting his back against the rooftop tiles while putting his arms behind his head as support.

I watched him dearly.

He was surprisingly silent.

I didn't like it.

So I hummed something that was wondering around my mind in limitless circles.

"I'm feeling just fine, fine, fine
Ijen neoui son-eul noh-eulge.....
I know I'm all mine, mine, mine
Cuz I'm just-"

"Where'd you hear that?!"
Tae sat up immediately looking at me in shock; probably the first time I've seen him worried about something.

I really thought I knew everything about this boy.

"U-Uh no where, just a song I heard on the radio..." I replied trying my best to make a believable excuse.

Yes he's annoying.

But he's not stupid.


"Hey!" He shouted coldly making me jump shutting my eyes closed tight.

I opened my eyes gently to see him sending poisoned daggers with his eyes;
he looks so scary how'd he change so fast I've never been so intimidated I can feel my blood go cold.

Like it's freezing up somehow.

"I didn't m-mean to...it was an accident-"

"So it's just an accident? Yeah sure just an accident to suddenly open a book, that's NOT yours and read it withOUT permission?"

I looked down in shame while he scolded me; what was I supposed to say.

"It was that one page! I promise!"
I blurted out hoping he'd forgive me.

"Well you sure must've looked at it for a while to have memorised all of those lyrics." He made a 'tsk' sound with his lips before looking away from me like I was troubling him.

It hurt me.

"So they were song lyrics!! You just admitted it!!"

"U-Uh I-"

"I never knew you were a songwriter!"

"I'm NOT! Stop assuming things and shut up a little won't you? You never stop talking." He groaned obviously annoyed.

Normally I would've said something back like 'you're one to speak' but for some reason the words won't coming out of my mouth.

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