0.3 | date gone wrong

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jaemin and gayoung went to a cafe. their best friends, jeno and joohwi, shook their heads at the most lame date idea ever.

"two smart students cannot think of a better date idea," jeno shook his head in disappointment as joohwi agreed with him.

jaemin and gayoung sat by the window and slowly, they were engulfed by awkward silence. jaemin grew more nervous and tried to think of many ways to start a conversation.

gayoung, on the other hand, had her mind completely blank then started to question her existence. who am i. what am i. what am i even doing here. why does that couple look like joohwi and jeno– wait joohwi and jeno?!

gayoung choked on her frappe which jaemin almost jumped in shock. he got some tissues and wiped gayoung's mouth while patting her back.

"are you okay?" jaemin asked, concern clearly shown on his face. "what happened?"

jaemin was about to look in the direction that gayoung kept staring at, but gayoung panicked and held his face, "it's nothing just only look at me—"

gayoung paused, realising that what she had could have another meaning that can cause a misunderstanding. jaemin, on the other hand, froze and his eyes widened in shock and his cheeks become more alive with a tint of pink.

jaemin slowly reached his hand and held gayoung's hands, smiling shyly, "you don't have to tell me twice."

in gayoung's eyes, the world and time around them froze. her only focus was on jaemin and jaemin only. she didn't know why, or why she kept feeling butterflies around him, or why she would be so happy to see him.

she smiled, damn i guess i like him huh?

"ouch too bright!" jaemin covered his eyes. "i wasn't prepared!"

"huh? what's too bright..?" gayoung sat there awkwardly. "did i do something?"

"your smile," jaemin removed his hands from his face and giggled. "your smile is too bright for me to handle."

"tch, says you," gayoung cleared her throat, and looked out the window. "oh my god– there was a park here the whole time?!"

jaemin rested his chin onto the palm of his hand, admiring the girl in front of him. his gaze on her became soft and so was his small smile.

"do you want to go then?" jaemin asked her. "we're finished here anyways."

"please!" gayoung said cheerfully.

in jaemin's eyes, she looked excited just like a little kid. he thought she was adorable.

the two cleaned up their mess and made their way to the park, hand in hand. they sat on a bench and watched many friends, families and couples that were present.

"aww look at that dog over there!" gayoung let out a small laugh. "it's so tiny!"

"like you," jaemin snorted.

"hey i'm not tiny! you're just big– oh wait," gayoung paused and made awkward eye contact with jaemin, who also froze.

"haha let's play a game called truth or dare," gayoung quickly blurted out, trying to cover up the embarrassing moment.

"gayoung truth or dare?" jaemin asked her.


"do you want to kiss me?" jaemin asked, grinning cheekily.

"dare," gayoung changed her mind, trying to avoid embarrassing moments.

jaemin leaned in, "i dare you to kiss me."

gayoung panicked, "never have i ever—"

"that's not the game!" jaemin sighed.

"oh hey you two!" a different voice spoke up behind them.

since when did jaemin sound like a girl– wait that wasn't jaemin..

they turned around and saw kiyeon, a classmate of theirs, walking towards their direction. "i'm not interrupting anything am i?" she asked, but mainly had her attention on jaemin.

"no," jaemin replied, his smile looking more fake.

"great!" kiyeon clapped her hands. "i need to talk to gayoung for a minute, may i borrow her for a little?"

"uhm go ahead," jaemin said, hesitating as he threw a worried glance at gayoung.

kiyeon thanked jaemin and gayoung followed her to a tree not so far from jaemin. "you're close with jaemin right? but not like dating or anything right?" kiyeon asked gayoung, looking desperate and hopeful.

"no we're not dating," gayoung said, feeling a pang in her heart. "i guess i'm kinda close to jaemin.. why?"

"i know we barely know each other but can you please please pleasee set me up with him?" kiyeon begged gayoung. "in return, i'll do anything you want me to!"

"heh?" gayoung exclaimed, confused and shocked from the sudden quest. "i'm not sure–"

"oh my gosh thank you!" kiyeon hugged gayoung. "i knew i could count on you! i can sit with you and jaemin right?"

fuck me. did she only hear "i'm sure" and not "i'm not sure"? fuck me. nah whatever it's not like i like him.

kiyeon happily skipped her way towards jaemin, with gayoung walking behind her looking like her soul got sucked out of her body. kiyeon sat next to jaemin which leads to gayoung sitting next to kiyeon.

jaemin became confused. kiyeon happily stated, "gayoung let me hang out with you guys! i hope you don't mind me!"

"oh no it's fine," jaemin smiled, but it came out to look like a cry for help.

the whole time was mainly spent with kiyeon clinging onto jaemin, completely ignoring gayoung's existence. whenever jaemin and gayoung tried to talk to each other, kiyeon will block gayoung out.

jaemin felt super uncomfortable and wanted to be with gayoung only. but he was too nice to simply tell kiyeon to leave them alone. however, he couldn'g do anything about it.

"i'll just... leave you two. i'm going to go now," gayoung stood up slowly, locking gazes with jaemin. she hesitantly looked away, "you two have fun."

"wait gayoung!–" jaemin tried to stand up but kiyeon held onto his arm stronger.

gayoung power walked away from the scene, she couldn't stand kiyeon at all. she barely knew that girl yet she's acting all rude towards her.

"tch why am i so hurt?" gayoung's voice quivered. "it's not like she did it intentionally, of course you'd do anything for someone you like."

she kicked the small rocks on the sidewalk and ran her hand threw her hair, "this is so stressful and i don't even know why i'm stressing out."

she closed her tired eyes for a second and she bumped into someone. her eyes flew open in shock and before she knew it, she lost her balance.

an arm reached out and snaked (hiss hiss bitch) its way around her waist to prevent her from falling. her eyes adjusted to the familiar face that was only a few centimetres apart from hers.


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