"what do we have?"

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july 20, 2018
susquehanna, pennsylvania

"please don't pretend that you like me. please don't trick me, or lie to me, i don't think i can take that right now."

the pair had moved to penelope's apartment, zoe & valeria deciding to leave the two alone.

"you know i wouldn't lie to you." jack whispered, making eye contact with a puffy-faced penelope.

"how do i know that? our entire relationship has been built off a lie."

"that doesn't mean everything i have felt & do feel for you is fake." penelope furrowed her brows.

"what do you mean by that."

"penelope, in the last month and a half i have fallen for you. im surprised you didn't notice because the way i acted around you in the car, when we went out, weren't necessary. and i mean yea, we have followings and sometimes we get caught going out but i never needed to hug you, and kiss your cheek or sing to you. all of that i did because it just felt right. you cant fake what we have!" she sighed.

"what do we have jack? a couple romantic gestures, some tweets and a pissed of ex? what do we build off of that."

"what do you mean what do we build off of this? we build a relationship, a real one based on real feelings and not revenge!"

"i dont think we can do that jack." penelope whispered. she so desperately wanted to believe what jack was saying was true, and that he did honestly have feelings for her, but her mind told her the opposite.

"the foundation of this," she motioned between them." has been built off of lies, it's all fake. you can't build something from lies."


"please leave"


"you heard me."

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