Albino High

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"This is so stupid." Cameron internally groaned.

He slouched in his chair, glaring at the rambling teacher as the class came closer and closer to closing.

'This is why I said we should've skipped this class.' His wolf, Patrick growled.

'Oh shut up.' He scoffed. Patrick growled in his mind, scoffing.

Once blocking Patrick, he turned his attention back to the teacher.

Cameron wore a white button up with black designer jeans and a dark brown belt wrapped snugly around his waist that day. He had on white sneakers around his feet. His messy hair was dark brown, almost black, framing his dull Irish gold eyes. His body was firm with muscle, all this making him popular with the girls.

Being a Junior in highschool, he only had one more year in this prison, much to his relief. Once graduated, he will be able to not only take over his father's business of owning not only the largest mall in the world, but nearly half of the other small stores around the country, which is the only reason he's still in school, but he will also become alpha of his pack, The Silver Ring Pack, which is a large responsibility seeing as how they have over 60,000 members, making it the largest and strongest pack in America.

"Can anyone come up and prove this theory?" The teacher asked, gesturing towards an equation written in blue handwriting on the whiteboard.

Cameron sighed.

"No cause I don't think anyone cares."

The room echoed quietly with giggles, and laughter from the surrounding students. The teacher stood still, his lips a straight line, his eyes cold.

"Mr. Harris, please refrain from unwanted comments." He said stiffly.

Cameron shrugged.

"I was just speaking the mind of, oh I don't know....the entire class?" He said, spreading his arms wide.

The room once again laughed. The teacher shook his head and turned back to the board.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

The teacher turned, annoyance sketched onto his face.

".....Yes you may. Come right back."

Cameron waved his hand, dismissing the comment.

"Yeah yeah." He said, slinging his backpack over his shoulder.

"Mr. Harris you don't need---" The teacher started but never was heard as Cameron walked out of the classroom.

'We're not coming back are we?' Patrick asked.

'What gave it away?' Cameron asked dramaticly.

'It's only the beginning of the year and you're already a trouble maker.'

Cameron sighed. It was indeed the beginning of the year, and he was already dying of boredom.

His school, Albino High, was inside his territory, named after the rare albino wolf that had saved his pack from rogues years before he was born. His father was very strict on the topic. The large school, home to about 6000 students, had to be rebuilt twice because of the growing population in his pack. Now the school is large enough to cover 63 acres of his territory.

Practically the entire student body is made of werewolves, except for the few humans that attend. Surprisingly, many were mates to some of the werewolves. His friends, Jacob Willow, Franklin Rock, and Ashton Tanner being some of them.

"Hey Cameron." A woman's voice spoke in his head.

Speak of the devil.

"Hey Ashy." He answered.

Ashton was his only female friend, and sometimes he wondered if she was actually female. She was a daredevil, sometimes dressed in boy clothing, and talked and played like a boy. Her mate was a freshman named Jonathan Tyler, who was much like her.

"Can you do me a solid?" She asked.

"Sure." He said. He already owed her one for getting him out of four hours of detention last year.

"Can you take Maggie to homecoming?"

Cameron growled. Maggie was one of Ashton's long-distance friends. And by "long-distance", she means, they go to another school. Maggie was one of them, and Cameron wasn't particularly fond of her, not that she isn't a nice girl, she's do you say it....bold.

"Why?" He growled.

"Because one) you owe me, two) it's about time you stopped being single!!" She retorted.

Cameron rolled his eyes at the statement. He was the only one who has never dated anyone even after he had given up on finding his mate a year ago, after he had turned 16, when he was supposed to find her. Ashy would know because she had been by his side ever since elementary.

"Fine." He muttered.

"Great! Text her now while she's in Lab!"

"I can't I'm in class."

"No you're not. I'm not stupid Cameron."


Once closing the link, he pulled his phone from his pocket, fingers shooting across the screen as he typed in his password. He sighed as he scrolled through his contacts, stopping at Maggie's number that was forcefully put in his contacts. He grimaced at the awkward memory as he tapped the message button.

C: Hey this is Cameron.

Almost immediately, an answer.

M: Hey good looking!!😜😍

He shuddered.

C: Got a question for u, got a sec?

Another immediate reply.

M: Sure! What's up?

C: Wanna be my date to homecoming?

No answer came.

'Do we have to do this?' Patrick asked, a disgusted gag in his tone.

'Have to, I owe Ashy a solid.' Cameron answered.

Patrick grumbled.

Suddenly, an answer dinged onto his phone.


Cameron sighed in defeat as he typed a reply.

C: Great! It's next week on Friday at 7. See you then.

His phone dinged a split second after.

M: See you there sexy!!😘😘

Cameron physically gagged.

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