Faith in God (Short Story)

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Faith in God

One dark evening, a high school student girl wanted to go home after participating in the activity at their school, lately. She waited around 7:30 pm looking for a bus going to their town. And the distance between her house to school is 20 kilometers. She felt really worried. Until finally, a miracle, a red bus sudden stop and off she go on board.

Minutes later, a conductor of the bus came to collect money and tickets. But the girl fell asleep and the conductor waited for her to wake up. The bus sudden stop for checking the tickets, and the girl sudden awaken. She hurry up to grab her wallet but cannot be found. She looked everywhere, under her seat, inside her bag, inside her pocket, or just beside her, but cannot be found. So, she begged the conductor to pay him tomorrow for she had lost her wallet. But the conductor disagreed and leave her at the side of the road alone. The girl was so scared and began to walk at the side of the road, alone with no lights nor street lights to be found, just only a spark of the moonlight where almost covered by thick clouds. 

So, carrying her bag, she walked and walked until she reached the street where her house is. But the street was darker than the road she walked on. She took a deep breath and believe herself that she can do it, until a strange tall man appeared in the middle of the way. The man looked at her in every movement she make. So, she got nothing to do but to pray to the Lord God, asked for her safety.  As she kept on praying as she passed by to a man, and the man kept on watching her until he began to disappeared in her sight. When the time she arrived at her house, she felt very cold and full of worry. And its like something just gone by her side.

The next morning, she was shocked and surprised when a news spread to their town about a student, like her, was killed and raped in the same date and night she had when she arrived at her house lately. And it was her schoolmate who was the victim. Then the news revealed the form of the man who killed the victim. The girl sudden familiarized the suspect and it was the man who appeared in her way that night!

So, she quickly report it to the police from where she saw the man, and sudden catured the suspect. The police thanked the girl as the girl asked one favor and she said, " Ummm.. Can you asked the suspect that why he didn't attacked me that night when I was alone and why he only attacked my schoolmate?"

As the police asked the suspect, and he quickly answered with disappointment, "I couldn't.... Because the night that I saw her, she was walking in the street and I was about to go to her when suddenly two big men appeared beside her and they went straight to her house! And I was afraid......"


We need nothing to be worry about. For the Lord God is always in our side to help us. All need to do is to call His name and asked for help. And also have FAITH IN GOD.


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