Blood Type R

59 3 10

Author: CharlotteMallory

Genre: Werewolf/Romance/Fantasy


The cover is very nicely made, attention-grasping, and professional. It beautifully encompasses the mood and the setting of the story, and it easily draws the reader into the story.
The title works very well with the story and the purpose for Cora's kidnapping. At the end of Chapter 1, the term "Blood type R" is already mentioned, but it is not yet explained. This builds some suspense and smoothly draws the audience into the next chapter. It is clear that the blood type is significant to the story, and the audience is very subtly pulled towards its meaning. 

The blurb is very nicely written and it provides information on the story without giving away too many details. It is interesting, and I was immediately drawn into the story after reading it. You did an excellent job of avoiding clichés, and that made the story so much more unique and exciting. 

Grammar errors:
Chapter 2: "I wouldn't of if I'd known I'd get a bunch of questions." Here, the word "of" should be changed to "have." 

I really love the vocabulary that you used throughout the story. You incorporated some uncommon words, but you made it so that they flowed and made sense without making the audience think about them. It wasn't overly-wordy, and it wasn't basic either by any means. Your descriptions were clear and entertaining throughout the story, and you used many literary devices that emphasized the setting, the characters' feelings, etc. 

The plot is clearly very thought-out and it looks like you've put lots of time into the story. The sensory details that you wrote with were exceptional and I could imagine the setting incredibly clearly from the first sentence. I think the chapters are the perfect length and they cover just enough information so that the audience is drawn into the rest of the story without growing bored. 

The characters are quite realistic and very relatable. From the first chapter, I could already imagine how Cora was feeling. You did an excellent job of weaving in some information about her past and her family. I could understand her motivations for doing what she did throughout the story and she was a very strong-willed character. I like how you subtly incorporated the characters' physical traits without going into too much depth and drawing the audience away from the story. 

I particularly enjoyed the way that the characters spoke to one another. Many of their comments were quite passive-aggressive and entertaining to the audience. The way they acted towards each other was understandable and you clearly described the reasons for their actions and behavior. The way that the characters communicated with each other also offered some information on their personalities and ways of thinking. I could tell when Cora was frustrated or scared, and often times her experiences were also a bit humorous. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to reading more updates! I wish I could offer some more help on areas to fix/change, but it is already written so well that I didn't feel that anything should be altered! It is clear that you have put lots of time into the story, and your efforts are greatly paying off!

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