Chapter 3: I swear I'm straight?

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As Edna delivers me to the dining hall she quickly leaves the scene before anyone has witnessed her betrayal of my mother's order, well I don't blame her and I certainly don't want her to get fired I still need her by my side to help me adjust to this world and I need to know if I have an ally at least.

I stood before the door to the battlefield of my social experiment, with a sigh I slowly open one side of the double doors to enter the bright light of the beautiful and the rich all sitting at their assigned seat at the long table as they continue to laugh and chuckle at their small talk, none of them seems to have noticed me enter the room and continue on with their business.

As I walk closer I spot an empty seat next to Ken who seems to have noticed me and gave me a cute smile, so it was decided that I beeline to the chair next to Ken who seemed more than happy that I came.

"I'm glad you finally decided to come out to eat with us" I nodded and responded"Th-" until I was rudely interrupted "HEY KEN!" to look across the table to see my younger sister the heroine Sera, also known as a death flag, "Ken did you enjoy the omelette?" Did she just cut me off on purpose? "yes Sera I thoroughly enjoyed it" with an awkward smile, he turns back to me "Alex, you should try it too you'll like it" I tried responding once more as I picked up my knife and fork "sure-" but before I can dig in to my luscious meal, Sera 'accidentally' tipped over her glass of water over my food.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry I didn't mean for that to happen" this mother ducking 2 sided- "no worries it's fine dear sister, let me just grab a napkin" which just happens to be near a cup of water, what a coincidence.




Either way, it was going to happen she deserves it, "Oh no!" as the cup of water splashes not only on the food but also on her pink dress "H-HOW COULD YOU!?" as she stood up from her seat flabbergasted "what's the commotion?" turning towards the door was the white hair boy from before "y-your highness" my mother said as everyone showed courtesy to the young boy and I followed up on the situation.

"F-Furu-sama" as Sera began her waterworks "why are you crying Sera?" as he approached and wiped her tears away with a stroke of his thumb "my dear older brother purpo-" not on my watch! "my dear sister!" I started my waterworks as I quickly rushed over to her "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to knock over the glass" as I grasped her shoulders and slightly hug her preventing myself from getting wet and next to her ear I harshly whisper for no one except for her to hear "two can play it at that game, sister" I said with a sly smirk as she was frozen by words by this new side she's never seen before.

What's with this confidence I'm feeling, is this what it's like to a villain? "Sera it seems like it was just an accident" Furu remarks as she begins to stutter and looks at him rather confused, girl this is what happens after you try to mess with me.

She seemed to finally realise that her plan to get me into trouble and get the prince butter up to her failed and was played like a fool, by none other then outcast of her family, however as the heroine she's a professional two-sided goat who can play along with any situation.

"It's alright dear brother I know you didn't mean it" that's not what you were gonna say a second ago "I'm going to quickly redeem myself in the ladies room, please excuse me" after showing courtesy she quickly took a glimpse at mother who got the message, "yes so does me and my husband, now if you'll excuse us Furu-sama please enjoy your breakfast" after another bow the trio exit the room to clearly have a family meeting about my new attitude.

Well actually in the original story plot this was gonna happen anyway just a lot later though. I make my way back to my original seat as the maids replace the table cloth and served a new freshly cooked breakfast.

I'm happy to know I'm not starving today as I lick my lips at the meal, just as I was about to dig in I noticed Ken and Furu were watching me with pinkish cheeks "what's wrong is there something on my face?" I questioned and the two immediately shake their heads as they began to consume their breakfast.

How odd, I thought but I ate anyway ignoring the sneaky glimpse at me from both of them.

Breakfast finished in an awkward silence and as I was about to leave the dining hall, I was held back by the wrist "wait!" I turn back to meet eyes with Furu "Is there something the matter Furu-sama?" He seems to be at a lost for words but finally picked up the courage to speak "would it be okay if we could play together?" He looks up at me with his precious orbs.

How can a boy be this cute?, there's not way you can say no to that face.

"Of course Furu-sama I'll be more then happy to do so" I swear I could see flower blooms when he smiles this happily. Just as we were about to leave "Alex!" I turn to my left to see my cute brother Ken holding onto my shirt "can I come too? I wanna play with big brother" he says meekly with puppy like eyes.

I roughed up his hair and smiled "of course I would never leave behind my cute brother" we left the dining hall with the two of them hanging onto me, Furu on my right, Ken on my left, I'm happy to be loved but guys please give me some space.

Although I wished for that to happen but it never did, as we were playing the rest of the afternoon away, they continued had some sort of rivalry with me in the middle it's like I have another sibling.

That being said I couldn't help but notice my mother watching me from above the whole time. They're up to something that's for sure.

End of chapter 3

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