Chapter 2 (Part 4) The Calling

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The road outside the city was dark, and they had to rely on a lantern to guide them through the short trek in the woods.

The light flickered a large formation in the distance. There stood a mansion, polished with walls of marble and tiles of the finest wood. The walls were painted with symbols, some familiar, while others foreign. It stood above a cliff side, like a steep hill covered in rocks. The one thing that seemed to lead up to it was a large stairway forged by stone hardened steps.

At least five guards came up to them to hold them back, creating a wall of spears preventing them from entry.

"What brings ye to the Sadorian Estate? Shant be any peasants in need of work 'round here." One of the guards asked.

Zoran's eyebrows went up, wide eyed with surprise as he looked up to Theodren behind him.

"A human? A human in the Eyru realm?" He thought. Zoran began to realize that despite the dim light, they were all human. Plate armor, Paldaron kettle helms, refined blades, crossbows, while others with shields and long steel coated tipped spears, much larger than that of an elf's.

"Well?" The man asked in a demanding and irritated way.

"The king asked that we-" Zoran was cut off.

"No no no no...the big one! Tall man in the back with dark gray hair. You seem like their leader. What you gotta say?"

Carrion awkwardly walked in front of them. Theodren was appalled to not be chosen as the leader rather, being taller than both.

"As the young boy said, sir. The king requested that we come here." He tried looking for his seal of approval and map.

"This, sir."

Handed the waiver, the supposed mercenary gave a soft look at it, spat on it, and crumbled it up. With tossing, the paper flew off the edge: around fifty feet down off the side of the stairwell.

Theodren was prepared to take on all five of them, clenching his fists. The only thing holding him back was the door itself being opened.

"Fair meeting, master." The guards bowed down immediately, trembling at his sight.

"You stand on my steps. By who's request have you been summoned?" Aran looked out the door at the three men who stood below him. He carried with him the same blackened brown straight silky hair as his daughter, much shorter but well kept. However, his clothing was far more royal than Valora would've ever allowed herself in. Like his daughter, he was gifted with fair looks and a welcoming appearance. A short thin button nose, a brow perpetually giving a serious look, a sharp jaw, and defined blue eyes. Even his grin had an upper class look to it, like a smile of someone of worth in the world.

With a pause, Aran and them stared in silence, but before Zoran could explain what became of the details, he glanced at Theodren's right pocket. The doll Valora gave him was sticking out from it.

Aran's expression changed: a confused look with a hint of charm to a welcoming smile with a force of intent.

"This way, if you will." Aran signalled the guards to leave their position.

"But sir!" The guard that crumbled the paper replied.

"Take the night off, Yanrey. You've troubled enough people." The guards all laughed in response to the comment, and the man threw his helmet down beside Aran's feet.

After entering the building, they were given many gifts from the servants, mostly being food and others as cultural sentiment.

"You really don't need to do this." Zoran started with a smile.

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