Expensive Headphones

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Because I feel like it.

~Micheal's POV~

I remember the first time I realised I like him. I had just accepted I was gay and went to go visit Jeremy at the hospital. When I saw Rich I realised I totally liked him.

Fast forward ⏩
~Rich's POV~

I sat in bed bored out of my mine. After a while of staring at the ceiling I thought I should do something productive.
Micheal! Micheal's productive.

I shot him a text and he said he'd be over soon because he was bored to. I didn't realise before but it's around 8 at night. luckily, I didn't have to worry about my parents asking because there not home and even if they were they wouldn't care.

My thoughts were cut off by a knock at the window, I looked over to see Micheal. I smiled and came over to open the window for him. Once I did Micheal climbed in (with some struggle)
"Hi babe" he said as he looked down at me
"Hey," I started looking at him up and own "I was just thinking about it, but can you do anything without your headphones?" he protectively grabbed them.

His  playful gasp then turned into a smirk as he obviously had a plan. Before I could react Micheal kissed me passionately and I quickly kissed back. As we kissed I felt him move me over to the bed, I then heard his headphones rattle.

This mother fuckers gonna tie me up?
Instead of going against him I tried to make it easier. Though before I met Micheal I was a Fuck boy I had never used bondage or been bottom.
But as I thought about it I felt my pants tighten and I moaned into the kiss.

Micheal pulled away and smirked. I tired to move my hand but he had successfully tied them, he then moved closer and I felt his breath against my ear.
"Guess I can't do nothing without them" I moaned loudly as he talked, he then lightly bit my ear before kissing right underneath my jaw.

"Micheal~" I moaned as he found my sweet spot. He started sucking and biting on the part making me moan,
I thrust my hips into his gaining a little but on the fraction needed
"Patience Baby~" he said as he took of his hoodie, his shirt coming off with it. Taking off my shirt he basically attack my chest sucking one nipple and playing with the other.

Micheal's POV

I lightly grinding on him, making him moan even more. It was music to my ears but I stopped teasing and moved down to his pants.
OK maybe a little more teasing
I pulled down his pants just a little and trailed kisses on his v line.
"Y-you fucking tease" I pulled away and glared at him
"Parton?" I said
"P-Please Micha~" he moaned out.

I definitely didn't expect that, I also didn't expect to like it so much.
I pulled off his pants and boxers in one go letting his hard on go. I lightly kissed the tip before taking it all in.
"Micheal~!" Rich moaned as I moved up and down. I lightly grazed my teeth against his skin making him shiver and moan.

I moved off right before he could come and he glared at me.
"H-Hey Micheal," He said, I was putting lube on my fingers but looked up
"Yeah baby?"
"Could I ride you?"
"Of course, but that's gonna be some work with your hands tied" He chuckled and flipped us over
"I know,"

Without another word I slowly inserted one finger.
"Micheal~" I just stared at the sight, Rich on my chest whining my name.  I started off slowly so he could get use to it "F-faster" he said almost instantly, I did as he asked and added another finger.

Soon enough I had three fingers pumping in and out of him. He seemed to forgot about everything and just keep asking for more. Instead of responding I took my fingers out and he squirmed at the loss of contact.

He got the message and positioned himself. Slowly moving down we both moaned loudly, when I was fulling in I let Rich adjust but still hoped he would move soon.
"You alright?" I asked him
"Why do y-you have to be so big" I blushed at his statement but it was soon forgotten as he moved up until I was barely in him.

He then dropped back down all the way to the back to the base.
"Rich~" I moaned as he moved up and down, moaning jibbrish. We picked up the speed and I felt bad not doing anything so I meet his next move with a hard thurst.

"Micheal!" Rich yelled/moaned "Do that! Do that Again please!" I meet his moves with thrusts making Rich  scream my name, I was about to lost it
"R-Rich I'm gonna-" I tried to pull out but he grabbed my hand and looked at me with his lustin his eyes
"Inside me." Rich demand I lost it there screaming his name over and over like a prayer.

Once my senses came back I grabbed Richs dick trusted hard at the same time. Rich was a moaning mess
"Cum for me Rich~"I whispered in his ear making him loose it.

While rich was calming down I untangling him from my headphones. We were both panting, Rich was still on top of me and I still inside him. He didn't move, just collapsed on my chest his head in the crook of my neck. I slowly move out of him and moved around so I was just spooning him.

We heard a knock on the door but luckily it was locked
"Aye my brother just got layed!" We heard Rich's older brother say "I hope you used protection!"
"Fuck protection" I heard Rich mumbled "We can't get pregnant"
"What about STDS?" I mumbled back
"Fuck STDS." I laughed and felt my self slowly drift off

We'll clean up in the morning.

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