In Love With My Student

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In Love With My Student

Jennifer Murphy is a teacher at the private high-school called Riverside. It is a prestigious school where you either had to have a lot of money or be incredibly smart to get in.

Jennifer was also a heartbreaker. She didn't exactly believe in love. She thought that it was just a game.

She meets Arielle Agostinelli in a bar one night with the mind-set of bringing her home.

When Jennifer get rejected in the first time in years she makes it her mission to get Arielle in her bed.

Fast forward a year and Jennifer has now changed from her heartbreaking ways thanks to her girlfriend Emily. But what happens when Jennifer falls in love? Will she be able to handle Arielle's tough past? Will she get to Arielle with all the obstacles determined for them to not be together? Will her feelings even be reciprocated?


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