[13] Amelia's Request

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Amelia woke that morning will a sense of responsibility on her shoulders

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Amelia woke that morning will a sense of responsibility on her shoulders. She could practically feel the clock ticking down until Peter was killed and the shadow took over.

Her body showed it too. The circles under her eyes were darker than ever and no amount of concealer could hide them. No matter what they tiredness shined through. Her forehead was dotted with acne from stress, the blemishes battling with her eye bags for attention.

Better go all out, Amelia though. If she wanted to draw any attention away from her blemishes, she would put on her oddest outfit and bulkiest jewelry. That should do.

She went down stairs sluggishly, her heels feeling tied to the floor as she stomped her way to the kitchen. "Morning, dad." She pecked him on the cheek and sat down across from him to wait for Bella.

"Late night doing homework?" Charlie asked, turning the page of his newspaper.

Amelia froze, and repeated the word to herself, "homework?" She felt a sense of dread creep up from her stomach.

"Yes, homework." Charlie glanced at her with a raised eyebrow, "You did it, right?"

Amelia nodded, a guilty feeling eating away at her for lying, "Yes, of course." She smiled at him, "Bella coming soon?"

"I'm here!" Bella came running down the stairs, nearly tripping over her own feet, "Sorry, I stayed up reading this book-" she trailed off as she looked at her sister, her eyes softening and her eyebrows moving together. "Everything all right, Amelia?"

Amelia nodded, glancing at her father, "Yes, perfectly fine. I just had a late night doing homework."

Bella nodded slowly, not believing a word out of the blondes mouth, "Well, we should get going." She grabbed her keys off a hook as Amelia stood up, before they both headed outside.


All day Amelia looked forward to lunch. She had a big favor to ask the Cullens and she desperately wanted to talk to them as soon as possible, she knew that if she failed then her best friend would die and her home would be gone.

When the bell finally rang for lunch she rushed to the cafeteria, her feet carrying her to the Cullens table. She sat down and nervously tapped rhythms on the table as she waited for the Cullens to arrive.

Jasper arrived first with Henry and Alice, a cold look on his face, though it softened when he took his spot next to Amelia. He could feel her emotions going crazy, ranging from fear, to anxiety, to guilt. One look at her face told him that she had something to say, though he waited until his other siblings arrived to ask her about it.

"I have a really big favor to ask all of you," Amelia said her eyes flickering from place to place, never resting on the Cullens.

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