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To: Amina Gray, italiandrug
my wife, ocean princess, food monster, and best friend

To: Amina Gray, italiandrugmy wife, ocean princess, food monster, and best friend

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Happy Birthday!

you're getting older now, 3 more years and you'll be welcomed into adulthood. Get ready xD
I'm so glad I met you. I definitely know things would be different if I hadn't. We've always been there for eachother, and as you're getting older, that just means I have to step it up now that you'll face different challenges. But with or without me, I know you'll be alright in the end. You are a smart, and tuff cookie.
You may have some troubles, and sometimes wont tell me about them, not wanting to bring me into anything. But just know, if anything's bothering you, that immediately makes it my problem too. Because we're best friends, and wives, and we have to stick together till the very end. And it's my job to keep you from tears (":

We've shared many laughs, tears, and talks (both deep and gossipy.) And I cant wait for many more.

happy birthday, my love
your lunicorn

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