34. False imprisonment

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I was a furious woman with a plan. A plan that I hadn't really thought through. My anger had taken over all reasonable thought and so I had called a press conference. I made it anonymous since I just wanted a little bit of press to be there and if I told them it was me, then the place would be filled with reporters, fans, and paparazzi. Thus it would be more likely that someone would get trampled or the conference was called off due to too many people without alerting the police of the event.

I appeared calm, almost cold in my silence.

I dressed darkly since I didn't feel joyous enough to wear my kitty clothes. I chose a plaid skirt, too short for a woman from the Queen family just to piss off my mom. Childish I know but made me feel a little better. I wore a black long sleeved shirt that bared my shoulders and was just short enough to leave some skin uncovered between it and my skirt. I put on velvety, wine red heels and lipstick matching the color. I chose jewelry fitting to the colors of my clothing and did my nails since the old color had started to chip off. After perfume and dramatic brown toned eyeshadow far darker than anything I usually wore, grabbed my bag and put on dark big shades.

I was ready for battle...

"Clark let's go." I said as I walked to the kitchen where Clark had been eating a huge breakfast.

A piece of egg fell out of his mouth and embarrassed, he was quick to whip his mouth with a napkin, as gentlemen do before getting up and giving me a nervous compliment.

"Thanks, Clark." If nothing else made me feel better then Clark looking cute and innocent did.

"I didn't know that I should dress up." Clark said, embarrassed. "Where are we going?"

"I'm having a press conference." I said while handling important business on my from unblinkingly.

"Oh... Wha- What about?" He asked, fidgeting nervously.

"No need to worry. Just a simple matter." I said and gave Clark a quick glance. No shirt and just pajama bottoms. "No need to wear anything fancy just put on some jeans and a shirt." I addressed the matter.

"Okay." Clark nodded.

"Would you stand with me? At the conference?" I asked through the bedroom door, which Clark had closed so he could change his clothes.

"You... You mean in front of cameras?" He asked, his voice muffled by the door.

"Yeah, that is part of the deal." I said with an amused chuckle.

A notification popped up on my phone: 'Forgive me.' Was the only thing the anonymous text said.

'City hall, fifteen minutes. Press conference. Join us.' I answered bluntly, guessing who the anonymous was.

When Clark appeared looking handsome as always in a suit I smiled putting my phone into my back pocket. I had gone into perfect Queen princess mode again. The cold and calculating version of me that handled the press, family matters and appeared perfect to everyone who was looking.

"You look dashing." I smiled. "Thank you, Clark."

He looked confused: "What for?"

"Staying by me, through all the drama and craziness. For tolerating me."

"There's no need to tolerate anything, there's not a thing I'd change in you." A truly authentic smile spread on our faces. This is why Clark was amazing. He knew just what to say and he actually meant it all.

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