Chapter 2: Still Straight?

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Alex's POV:

"Ugh, why must this happened to me of all people!" I sob into my pillow until I heard a soft knock on my door "Alex? are you awake?" opening the door peeks a cute boy that looks similar to me but with blue eyes.

Crap what was his name again? wait I still have Alex's old memories let me try and think...

"....Ken, yeah I'm fine" I smile hoping I got it right as he enters my room "are you sure? I heard you shouting down the hallway" as he flashes a worried look at me "don't worry I was just thinking about stuff but it's nothing major" once again flashes a smile as he gets closer to me and wraps his arms around my waist from his small height.

"If you ever worried about something you can always talk to me about it okay?" his smile was so cute I felt butterflies in my stomach like how can a creature be this cute? no homo though. Gently I push him off and ruffle his soft hair "Yeah I know after all you're my precious younger brother" which causes his cheeks to turn pink, "okay, well breakfast is ready but if you want to eat in your room again it's fine but I do want to eat breakfast with you" I nodded and ruffled his hair before he walks out of the room.

After he finally left I collapsed onto my knees now that the source of stress is finally gone "Oh god I hope he bought that, how does Alex treat his younger brother? I mean he's cute but maybe he hates him? RAGHH I'M LOST! AND CONFUSED!" as I can feel my head split in half "anyway for not let's review over what Alex's past-"

'Born out of wedlock Alex is an outcast in his family who has been treated like a ghost who is often been forgotten and left behind by the family which made him twisted and cold, during his young age he planned out a way for his prestigious family to be brought to ruin starting with the heroine during the academic years by spreading false rumours and is the mastermind of the bullying she gets from her fellow classmates, however all of this was stopped by the capture targets who stood by her side which resulted either by him being slain by either of the princes (whomever the heroine chooses) or exiled.'

"-So, in other words, I'm screwed" as I internally cry from the inside to prevent from being heard outside the room, looking at the grand clock at my right I realised it was 7:10 so early in the morning "Wait didn't Ken said earlier there was breakfast ready?" as I felt my stomach rumble.

"Well can't think straight on an empty stomach" quickly rushing into the bathroom; brushed my teeth; washed my hair and comb my hair, I slip out of my PJs and wore a plain white shirt with long black trousers after a quick look in the mirror I noticed one thing "...I'm actually pretty cute" nothing in comparison to my old self.

Feeling conscious about how much I seem like a narcissist I exit the room just to realise one thing, where's the dining room? as I look both ways at the same long hallway to see no one in sight. I try to recall Alex's memories to realise he never leaves his room and would always have breakfast in his room, "well not this time Alex! we're going to s-...s-...socialise" I dreaded over the word for I barely have experience in that area.




Taking off in a random direction I walk to my left and follow wherever the hall takes me, and if I'm lucky I might finally meet someone who can give me directions, as I walk down the long hallway which seems like forever through the see-through looking glass to my right I see a beautiful display of roses in the garden, but what was more beautiful was pale looking boy who seems to be blossoming amongst the field of roses with white crystal hair and fresh bell blue eyes that meets mine. 

Judging by the clothes it appears to be a young male but with looks like that he can easily be mistaken for a girl he was beautiful, after a long eye contact by the unknown male the white maiden- I mean boy turns and walks away.

"... well, that was weird" was the only things I could say as I continue making my way down the hallway until I finally come across a busy maid who seems to be occupied with cleaning the windows.




"Hello?" which caused the old maid to be startled "oh young master Alex you've startled me quite a bit" as she places her old palm over her chest taking a breath of relief "I'm sorry but can you direct me to the dining hall?" I look up at her with puppy eyes.

With a chuckle she bowed for courtesy "of course young master Alex please follow old Edna" Edna? sounds like an Inspectors' call reference but Edna I remember her, according to Alex's memories Edna was the only servant who was actually kind enough to interact with him compared to the other servants who would ignore Alex due to mother's orders, but Edna who secretly aids Alex disobeys her orders and believe that's not something she shouldn't be saying to a young boy.

Edna is someone I can trust at this very moment, glad to know that at least, but I remember from the story plot of the game Edna who was although never revealed in the game was mentioned as an important person in Alex's life but passed away due to a heart failure. Unsure about when this event will happen I determined that I will save Edna, she doesn't deserve to die not yet.

I need her by my side.

End of chapter 2

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