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After feeding the babies one after the other, I went into the kitchen to see what Ruby was making for today's breakfast.

Ever since I got pregnant, everyone, specially Ruby has made sure that I do not enter the kitchen. Even if I come into the kitchen, I'm not allowed to do any work. But after a lot of insisting, I convinced her to let me do small works.

I was still at the last step but I could already tell that she was making pancakes as the dining area was filled with its delicious smell which watered my mouth immediatley.

"Assalamu alaikum, Ruby." I greeted her as I entered the kitchen.

"Walekum assalam, Aanya. Did you sleep well?" She asked me.

"Not bad, Ruby. I just woke two times last night." I told her and stifled a yawn. She chuckled at me.

"That is far better than the initial days, I believe." She said.

"Oh yes, definitely." I replied to her and started to make the table.

Since the delivery, I couldn't sleep for atleast one whole night. In fact, there were nights when I used to stay awake for the whole night and used sleep in the morning when either Hussein or Ruby would take care of the babies. And because of sleepless nights I used get tired very soon and that would result in a grumpy me.

But now, everything is falling into a place. The babies are following a schedule and are waking up very rarely for feeding. So, I'm getting a good sleep now and I'm really glad about it.

"Hmm. It smells delicious, Ruby." I told her.

"Really?! Then what are you waiting for? Go and call Hussein so that you can have your breakfast, until then, I'll go and look after the babies." She said.

"Yeah, sure." I told her.

Saying this, I went back towards the staircase and shouted his name. He came out of the room holding Annan and Iman.

"What's the matter?" He asked me.

"Come down and have your breakfast." I told him. He nodded his head and descended down.

"Wait. Where's Mannan?" I asked him.

"He is in his crib. You hold them, I'll go and get him." He said and handed me the two babies.

Lately, it has become quite difficult for me to hold two babies at a time. They've become quite heavy now, so my hand starts to ache if I hold two of them at a time. I adjusted them on my waist and held them closely so that they won't slip off from my arms.

I went towards their prams and slowly placed them in it and tighten the belts. I kissed their forehead as they kept cooing and kicking their hands and legs.

Hussein came from behind and placed Mannan in his pram and sighed.

"God!! They are handful." Hussein grumbled.

"And they're growing so fast." I stated.

"That's true. Come on, lets go and have our breakfast." Hussein said and pushed me towards the dining table.

We both sat down and I served us with pancakes and fresh orange juice. We were eating silently when Hussein's phone rang. I watched the boys who were trying too hard to set themselves free from the belt. And as far Iman, she was again trying really hard to get her toes into her mouth. I chuckled at them.

"What?" Hussein suddenly yelled making me and the babies flinch.

I immediately went towards the babies as their lips started quiver. I patted them and tried to distract them.

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