All Around Me Are Familiar Faces

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His arms lock around me. An outward sign that somebody has some sort of attachment to someone else. In my case, there was no connection or emotion. I felt numb...neutral.

I stare at them dumbfounded as the blonde haired girl beams with joy, looking at me from beside the guy. I didn't want to spoil the relieved and joyful looks drawn on their faces. But at the same time, I couldn't let them believe that I knew who they were.

"Who are you?" I speak up. Their faces seemed to pale a bit and the wide smiles that were plastered on their faces fell into a straight line.

"What?" The girl asks looking to the boy as they exchanged looks. She fakes a little laugh which was only released to cover up the worry in her tone. I felt so uncomfortable as they stood in front of me, most likely expecting a completely different reaction.

Kilo steps in front of me, putting his hands out in back of him to secure my arms in place.

"You should go see to the commander now. He doesn't like to be kept waiting." His voice was stern and I peaked out from the side of him.

The two strangers were puzzled just like me. I must have known them, but I couldn't be sure of that until my memory came back. The dark haired boy nodded hesitantly and turned around to leave. The girl, on the other hand, didn't budge. She only squinted at Kilo with an untrusting look.

"Clarke." She was summoned by her partner. Without argument, Clarke turned around and followed into the commander's tent.

"Maddie...has a nice ring to it." I say, looking up at Kilo.

"Moona sit down."

I could tell he was not going to trust those people. I followed orders and stirred around the emptiness in my bowl.

"That was weird." Alexa exclaims taking a spoonful of food into her mouth.

"Don't you know them?" Julia asks sliding closer to me on the bench.

"She can't remember you idiot." Alexa smacks her upside the head, earning a laugh from the little kids at the table.

"They seem to know me, maybe I should-"

"You're not them." Kilo intervenes. He was hovering over my head with his arms behind his back. "You belong to us, our tribe, ever since you walked through that gate. Whatever the native people want or whatever they claim to know, you are not to believe them. Understand?"

"I can't promise that Kilo. I need answers, those people may be able to give them to me. I'm not saying I trust them yet. I'll wait and see what kind of information they provide me with first."

"Just because they come in here and say your name doesn't mean a thing. They could be from Mount Weather for all we know, trying to lure you back into that place."

"They aren't from Mount Weather." Alexa defends turning around in her seat. "We know what mountain men look like, these people seem fine to me."

"I said no." And with that he takes off and storms into the commander's tent.

"Why does he suddenly think he's in charge of me?"

"Because he is Moona, he's in charge of all of us pupils." Julia replies.

"Well if these people turn out to be family of some sort, then I'm no longer going to be a pupil."


"Moona the commander is asking for you." Kilo barges into my tent and grabs my hand.

"It's about time." I walk out but just before I enter the commander's tent, Kilo pulls me back by the hem of my shirt.

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