3) Staying at Stark Industries

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The shot that rang out was frightening, but it didn't hit anyone and Peter was glad for small victories.

"Deadpool!" he said probably a tad happier than he should have when the man was still fully loaded and angry about missing a shot. He stood up, pulling the older man up with him, but somehow he couldn't drop the grin from his face. DP was safe. He was here. He was still angry. Peter took a step back sheepishly.

"Kid, didn't I say don't be a hero. I think I specified that you shouldn't be a hero. And what did you do, huh?" He had both of his hands on his hips as he stood there with his head tilted to the side. "Something heroic!"

"Where've you been?" Peter said mostly ignoring the lecture the man tried to give him.

"Where've I- Do I know you?" Deadpool said leaning in closer until their noses were practically touching. Peter blushed but shook his head quickly.

"No, but you and uh- Spiderman, you guys are friends, right? You guys patrol together. A package deal."

"Did he say that? A package deal?"

"Why wouldn't he?" Peter said hedging, still blushing.

"Creative differences," the man shrugged off, holstering one of his guns, but shooting the other while Peter was still occupied, luckily it rang as it ricochet off of Tony's suit. As it made its way across the room back towards the table full of technological advanced chemicals, Peter ran off to change. Wearing his suit under his clothes was easy enough to hide. When he swung back into the room, Deadpool grabbed his arm and forced him out of the way of a now frantically shooting lazer.

"A little warning before you slam me into a wall next time, DP," whines a trapped Spiderman as Deadpool tries to protect him from flying shrapnel and violet rays.

"Relationships need spontaneity, Webs. It's how we keep the spark alive when we're old."

"Deadpool, what the fu-"

"I don't think this story has the rating for you to say that," Deadpool said, covering the mouth area of Spiderman's suit.

"What're you talking about? Why are you even here? You've been MIA for weeks and now you come back to what, destroy Mr. Stark's expo?" Spiderman said, finally allowing himself to get angry now that he can see that the goofy man was alive. That he really was okay. That he wasn't avoiding him, he was just working.

Deadpool only shrugged.

"Been busy."

"Yeah, okay."

"Don't tell me you missed me?" Somehow, Spiderman knew Deadpool had an eyebrow raised in challenge under that blood chemical splattered mask. He shrugged and looked away.

"We're a package deal, ya know?"

An explosion echoed behind them and Deadpool threw himself onto Spiderman, knocking then both to the ground. The whir of metal above them pulled them apart.

"I'm only going to tell you once to get off my kid," Tony said, the Iron Man armor sliding easily away from his face as he aimed a blaster at the red menace in front of him.

"Is this a daddy-kink thing?"

"Don't be gross, DP," Spiderman said, shoving at the man's shoulder.

"It's part of my charm, don't'cha think?" he said, rolling off of him anyway.

There was another explosion somewhere and Spiderman felt his senses go haywire, he screamed for Tony, but before he could jump up to save him or even shoot a web in that direction, Deadpool had already pushed the other man out of the way, taking the brunt of the damage. Trapped in the lazers ready until it finally exploded, shooting more shrapnel across the room.

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