The Nursery Rhyme Corner Presents: The Vogon Poets Society

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The Nursery Rhyme Corner Presents: The Vogon Poets Society

In honor to Tevun Krus Space Punk, and as the 18th of August was International Bad Poetry Day, the Nursery Rhyme Corner presents The Vogon Poet Society

We start with the Revered @elveloy and a render of the famous Twinkle, Little Starin a most articulated way.


@elveloy: Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle twinkle little star

gargle gargle gargle blah

vogon bureaucrats rule the sky

demolishing planets, we don't know why

Twinkle twinkle little star

Before we put you in a jar ...



The Venerable @jinnis seldom comes out of the darkness, though, this time, she enlightened us with her poetry... in the dark


@jinnis: A poem in the dark

Dedicated to @angerbda @elveloy @rsNelson

A poem in the dark

Ignites a friendly spark

And poetry in space

Is absolutely ace

From Mars to Milky Way

With poetry we sway

Along a comet's tail

So happily we sail

And if you need a break

And feel the world is fake

A secret I'll confess

Amidst this rhyming mess

This isn't really punk

But rather worthless junk

Cause even with a rhyme

It sounds like puking slime

I guess I'll better leave

Before you howl in grief

Goodbye, my friend, good night

And keep your airlock tight



The Great Mademoiselle herself, @SarahWeaver6 graces us with the premises of an epic poem, Fleeting Desires.




Fleeing image

On the green blit...

Emotions split.

For me the images

Contain the reels

Of scattered film

With the broken wheels

Scattered on tile.

Heroes die

In many brutal ways,

Sometimes fry.

Bloodshed knows no bounds on forsaken Earth.

Luckily for them, not deemed Satan of the Earth.

In film with heroes by the Tulip farm,

C'est far to much to believe their innocense, their charm,

Their unconditional bloody deeds.

I'd rather wear myself molten anal beads.

So much is left unsaid about their desires.

Why should I believe, they would set

Their entire village on fire.

Regardless of the genre or the form,

I always want to stomp out like a worm.

But I suppose that's not true to form.

And to be fair, I love those giant Alsatian bows.

Murder on the wall

Who is the bloodiest

Of them all, in rows.

For me the images

Contain the reels

Of scattered film

With the broken wheels

Scattered on tile.

I suppose I should fix it.

Not for false goodness,

I just love the German accent

Better than Creme De Mint.



We have the "most greatest" honour to host, today, The Exceptionnal @DavidNadas, the Limerick specialist of the group. Let's let him entertain us with wit and music...


@DavidNadas: Limerick

There was an alien from Venus,

Who came to Earth to greet us.

When he stepped off the ship,

We heard his pants rip,

And out rolled his un-earthly...

Well... you know...



And finally, the nursery part of the rhyme corner to come at last. @angerbda proposes a gargled version of Bobby Shafto's gone to sea.



Boby Shaft's so freddled be

Lost his buckel down his knee;

He'll come slack and blamey thee,

Bony Bobby Shaft Oh!

Bobby Shaft's so bright and fair

Spanning out an inch out there

He's my love no nevermore

Bony Bobby Shaft Oh!

//Adapted from the original: Bobby Shafto's gone to sea

Bobby Shafto's gone to sea,

Silver buckles at his knee;

He'll come back and marry me,

Bonny Bobby Shafto!

Bobby Shafto's bright and fair,

Panning out his yellow hair;

He's my love for evermore,

Bonny Bobby Shafto! 

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