reaction videos

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so my brain's fried from chinese and i go on youtube to let my brain rest a bit

and i find a reaction video to idol recommended to me

(probably from all the crack videos i watch)

so my grumpy, exhausted brain snapped

and this mess happened


why do people like reaction videos so much??

i'd get why you'd want to see a particular demographic's opinion on smth new or foreiign

but quora exists for a reason.

plus more often than not it's just the same recycled stuff.

like it was interesting the first couple of times

until it was beaten to death like the dead horse thats sao (//scoff the anitube community)

like i wont judge if you like them

but personally i loathe them

its the same mediocre sht every single damn time

and it makes me want to vomit.

plus this is just easy, lazy content even a five year old can make in under an hour and still get as rich as the fine bros

but its just my opinion

i guess

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