♡The Best Thing♡

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You stared at yourself in the mirror, observing the way you looked. Your hands were sweaty, and your throat was dry. Your long white dress emphasized all of your features, enhancing your beauty. You and Michael had been married for eight years, and today was your wedding anniversary. Michael was waiting downstairs, waiting for you.

Your three beautiful children were with Janet for the evening. Your eldest, Heaven - was seven, and your other two girls were twins, Violet and Layla - six.

However, tonight was about you and Michael. He had told you that he was going to take you out to a restaurant, a place that he had hired, solely for the two of you.

You had argued with him, telling him that you didn't want to make a big deal about it - but he had insisted. He had always loved to spoil you.

With one last sigh, you made your way out of the room - and downstairs. When Michael saw you, his eyes widened.

"Wow," he whispered as you walked up to him. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. "Eight years and your beauty still amazes me," he studied your face intently. "You're gorgeous,"

You giggled shyly and blushed.

"And...eight years, yet you still manage to make me blush like a little school girl,"

"Oh," he raised an eyebrow. "I can do a whole lot more than that," he winked, making you hit his chest playfully.

"Stop," you laughed. "Otherwise we won't leave," you flashed him a coy smile.

"Okay," he frowned a little. "Don't smile at me like that, you know what it does to me," he groaned slightly, making you giggle, yet again.

"Fine," you took his hand in yours. "Let's go to that restaurant, shall we?"

"We shall,"


At the restaurant, Michael and you chatted happily. The food had been fantastic, and the wine was divine. Since Michael and you were both smart, the two of you never ran out of topics to converse about.

In fact, the two of you often had spirited debates about various issues.

You took a sip of your red wine before setting the glass down. As you wiped the corners of your lips with a napkin, you noticed that Michael was staring at you.

"What?" you raised an eyebrow slightly, a smile on your face.

"I have a surprise for you," he chuckled before turning his head, and exchanging an unspoken signal with one of the restaurant staff.

A moment passed before a female member of staff walked up to you, a gift bag in hand. She smiled at you and set the bag down on the table before turning around and walking away.

Michael pushed the bag toward you.

"Michael..." you trailed off with wide eyes. "I thought we agreed no gifts this year,"

"Yes, but promises are meant to be broken," he rolled his eyes slightly. "I wanted to buy you something. Please, open it,"

You laughed a little before opening the bag, fishing out a medium sized velvet box. You furrowed your eyebrows as you opened the box. When you saw what was inside - you gasped.

Before your eyes, sat the most beautiful diamond necklace that you had ever seen. It wasn't just beautiful - it was exquisite.

"Oh Michael..." your eyes began to tear up. He stood up and took the box from you, lifting the necklace up. Walking over to your side of the table - he put on the piece of jewelry for you.

You ran your fingers along the marvelous piece that sat against your collar bone.

You stood up and turned around to face Michael. He grinned as you flung your arms around him.

"Thank you," you whispered. "I love you so much,"

"Don't thank me, princess," he kissed your forehead. "You deserve it,"

Suddenly, a familiar tune began to play in the background.

Wise man say, only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you.

It was the same song that had played at your wedding reception. It was you and Michael's song.

The tears began to stream down your face - the moment was beautiful. Michael chuckled as you smiled shyly. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him.

"I'll always love you, (Y/N) Jackson," he whispered. "You were the best thing that ever happened to me,"

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