Feelings?! Part 2

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This is part two but I edited Part 1 so please do re-read it


~Connors POV~

"-And then Mum ditched." Evan finished explaining his day and I laughed
"Well, you did say I can pick a movie so I'm going to pick a scary one" I smirked while Evan wined

We jumped on the couch and before I played the movie Evan stated
"If you think I'm going to be the girl in this case and cuddle up to you, your wrong" I laughed and pressed play.

About 10 minutes into the movie Evan was in my lap jumping every time there was a loud noise. It was fine at first but then a jump scare came and Evan jumped and fell back down. I prayed to god he could feel my hard on.

~Evans POV~

Does Connor have an erection?!
I didn't know what to do at first but then something came to mind...

I lightly grinded hearing him gasp
Yep he had and erection.
I decided to play a game with him to see how long he'll try hide it.
When the next jump scare came I jumped and fell back down but as I fell I grinded on him.

"Fuck Evan~" He moaned and moved around so that I was pinned underneath him.
That was quick,
He then connected are lips without another word. The kiss was passionate and told me he wanted it just as bad.

He then lightly bit my lip making me moan, he took this as and opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth. He made sure he explored every part of my mouth before moving and kissing my neck. I squirmed around when he found the right spot and as he bit down I moaned really loud.
"Connor~" he pulled back and smirked and he looked at the mark he made.

I could feel the erection I had before coming back,
Oh my gosh, this is happening.
I felt a bit nervous until Connor slipped his hands up my shirt, then I could even focus on feeling nervous. I lifted my hands up and he took my shirt off, I felt self conscious being the only without a shirt so I tugged at his. He got the idea and took his off making my face red,

Are those abs?!!
It's wasn't a six pack but he was definitely toned. He must of noticed me staring because he said
"I-I know I'm not the best"
"Connor your everything" I closed the gap between us and connected are lips again. I then felt him playing with the rim of my pants teasing me

"Connor P-Please~" he pulled down my pants and started palming me through my boxers. I moaned loudly and he finally decided to pull my boxers down.
"Is this ok Evan?" I blushed and he put his mouth around my member.
"y-yes" I managed to say, the more he took in the louder I moaned.

I didn't realise but I had grabbed a bunch of Connor's hair and started pulling it. He moaned sending vibrations through out my body
"Connor~" he then pulled off and moved around.

Without falling off the couch he managed to position himself above me, his hands next to my head.
"P-please b-b-be careful, it's my f-first" I said
"I would never hurt you baby~" he connected are lips and slowly entered.

"Ah" I gasped at the pain, tears started forming in my eyes. Connor just continued to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, praising me.
Why does he have to be so big? I thought.

Finally he was fully in and waited for the OK.
"C-connor move~" I said, he started off slow moving in and out and gradually became faster.
Soon enough the room was filled with moans
"Connor! Faster!" I practically yelled
"Evan~" Connor grunted

He was going at a inhumanly fast paced when he moved around and thrusted hard, hitting my prostate.
"Ahh~!" I moaned before yelling "Connor right there!" He continued to hit that spot before I  felt a weird warm feeling build up in my stomach
"I-Im gonna-" I started
"Me to~"
Yelling each other names we reached are climax.

Connor pulled out and moved so that I was lying on his chest.
"Did that make your day better?" he whispered in my ear while playing with my hair.
"V-very." I closed my eyes but remember "Were gonna have to go in my room because my Mum will come home" I went to stand up but feel back down in pain, luckily Connor caught me.

"Here let me carry you" He carried me to my room and we both fell down on the bed. I couldn't be bothered to put clothes on, so I just went to sleep. Right before I fell asleep I mumbled
"I love you~"
"I love your more" I heard as I drifted off, snuggling into Connor.

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