The officer still refused to give Lilah even a hint of who could be on the phone, or perhaps, they were telling the truth when they said they didn't know. Plus, it wasn't in Jim's nature to lie, however, thing had now changed between them, since their last conversation he refused to look her in the eye and when he was forced to speak with her he referred to her as 'Phobia' as did the other officers who just followed Jim's lead without question, they were the men that would later become victims. Everyone knows it's the men who ask the questions that don't end up falling into a trap. As the officer's dragged her down the hallways, Lilah allowed her legs to drag along the ground. Whatever Thomas had given her, it stopped the pain in the ankle completely and even made her feel that little bit stronger. As the men stopped in front of a dark blue door, Jim took a small breath, 

"She gets 10 minutes of privacy and then we go in and take her back to her cell." He ordered the two men who both said the usual 'yes, sir.' before shoving her into the calling room that was usually reserved for those particular criminals who demanded their 'one phone call' and closed the door, locking it. Staring at the phonebooth (Which had a chair provided), Lilah limped towards it, she had no idea someone could even call these, in fact, she was pretty sure the police had made it impossible. Sitting down and putting the phone to her ear, she was greeted by an unfamiliar voice, 

"Hello, Phobia." the voice of a man came through with an over-enthusiastic tone of voice. Lilah paused, 

"Hello... random man." She replied hesitantly, looking over her shoulder to make sure neither of the two officers or Jim had snuck into the room to listen. The man chuckled, 

"Not to worry, no one can hear us talk, I've made sure of that." His tone was sinister and Lilah was convinced that he would have had to been able to see her to respond in such away, looking to the only camera in the room, she smirked, as she suspected, it was aimed directly at her, "Very clever." The man's voice cooed, "I must say I am impressed so far." Lilah looked away from the camera, she had no intention was drawing anymore attention to herself, 

"How did you do that?"

"With my intellect, anything is possible." The man boasted. Ah, so he's narcissistic and clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur. Lilah thought to herself,

"Impressive. So, when do I get the big introduction? Or should I simply pick out a name for you?" She smirked. 

"Funny." The man mused, "My name is Edward Nigma, otherwise known as The Riddler." Lilah rolled her eyes, 

"Edward Nigma? As in E. Nigma? Really?" She deadpanned, this guy sounded lame. In fact, he was lamer then lame. 

"Very good!" The 'Riddler' congratulated her as if she was but a child, "So, you're not a complete idiot." Lilah gritted her teeth as The Riddler continued to speak, "I want to make a deal with you. A rather simple deal."

"I'm listening." 

"Answer my riddles and I'll help you escape." he said.

"And the catch?" Lilah asked. 

"Three riddles, you get one wrong and I have a friend of mine who is quite looking forward to putting a bullet in your head."

"Sounds like fun but... I've never really liked riddles." She said lightly. The Riddler was silent for a few seconds before he finally spoke,

"Learn to." His tone was sinister, "So, do we have a deal, Phobia?" 

"The name's Lilah and of course we do." She snapped in reply. 

"Hmmm, very interesting. Well then, Lilah, riddle me this: What is something that belongs to you, but other's use." Lilah smirked, she knew this one. Her father just so happened to be a 'riddler' himself, the difference was, he didn't call himself 'The Riddler'. He merely gave Mercious and herself riddles to solve on long car trips. 

"My name." She answered with a smirk, "Now, now Edie. I can... call you Edie can't I?" Not waiting for a reply she continued, "That was an easy one." The Riddler chuckled lightly, 

"Next- The more there is, the less you see. What am I?" Lilah's smirk faded slightly, The more there is... The less you see... more there is... less you see.... 

"Darkness?" She answered, The Riddler clicked his tongue, 

"You sounded a little unsure on that one. I do hope you aren't struggling already." He mocked. Lilah smiled, 

"Of course not. Last one, Edie. Make it a tough one, won't you?" As soon as the words escaped her lips, she immediately regretted them. 

"Very well: When you do not know what I am, I am something but when you know what I am, I am nothing. What am I?" Lilah fell silent, she officially hated riddles. What the hell does this even mean? A few seconds past before The Riddler spoke once more, "Now, now, you haven't died on me have you?" 

"Of course not. Just want to make sure my answer is right." She replied with as much confidence in her voice as possible, 

"Well, now may be a good time to tell you, you have a minute remaining."

"Since when is there a time limit?" She snapped, 

"Since I said there was." The Riddler replied. Lilah's brow furrowed, When you do not know what I am... I am something... but when you know what I am... I am nothing. It has a purpose when it remains a secret... A secret, perhaps? No. That's too easy. This guy doesn't want his riddles to be- Riddles... Riddles....

"7.... 6.... 5... 4...3..."

"Riddles!" Lilah near screamed into the phone. The Riddler clapped his hands together, so she assumed he did, 

"How interesting." He said, "As promised, I'll help you escape, however... I have one more riddle for you."

"You told me you'd-" The Riddle tsked, 

"Ah, ah! I'm not finished. This riddle doesn't require an answer. It's merely a... riddle for thought." He mused. Lilah took a small breath, 

"I'm listening." 

"This... is a little... closer to heart." He said. Lilah's eyes closed briefly as she took another breath, in other words it had something to do with someone or something in her life. 

"Dead is my name, death is my job
Love I once had, but through fear it was lost
True is my aim, straight as an arrow
But only one aimed better, nine years ago today,
For my heart she did pierce."

And without another word. The line went dead.

Authors Note: I will dedicate the next chapter to the person who can answer the last riddle and give an explanation! Get thinking!

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