Shot fired!

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Hoi my dear human souls thank you for your patience! I don't have enough time to write, and now I have a math test I need to learn for together with practicing for inktober (I'll really appreciate people who can stand silent minute in memory of all the pens I've killed and have yet to kill for this) so if you'll see me around, it will be a miracle XD anyways, this chapter is the weirdest one until now, buuuuut we start here a small horror story MUHAHA. Ahem. ENJOY.

After Chara's visit in the lab, Asgore and Toriel tried to take her and everyone else's attention from researching. Toriel made different curriculums for them, and since Chara's new system had to be filled to keep her less interested in the secrets of the past, Cameron, who shared the same system, literally couldn't suffer more since he wasn't too much of a genius, neither he liked to study at all. Meanwhile Alex was using his pretty much easy curriculum to hang around the underground and soon knew the map of the surroundings no worse than Chara. Moreover he became social, and, to his own surprise, became friends with Sans. It began with accidental meetings because Sans was literally everywhere and Alex couldn't walk by without colliding into him. Once the Royal Children to wanted spend an entire day in Snowdin with Sans and his brother Papyrus. Unsurprisingly, Mike got along with Papyrus very well, literally on a spiritual level. Both talked plainer then the others, were quite innocent and had very odd odds to their characters. But the time in Sans's and Papyrus's house was when everybody found the hard way that the Skeletons and the Dreemurrs are divided into three sides of puns. The conversation started with Sans giving everybody sweetened drinks, exactly when Gaster came into the house.

-Oh, I see the company is SWEET tonight.-

He said. It was followed with four chuckles, three almost chokes and two hums of confusion.

-WATER you saying?-

Puns about drinks and sweets cracked knuckles somewhere. Sans got a pack of monster candies out of a cupboard.

-I have this UNCANDY (uncanny) feeling that our guests...-

He couldn't continue. Papyrus sent one of his shoes flying at him. That was the main difference between Papyrus and Mike: Mike was less energetic and not aggressive when it came to puns-mainly because he didn't understand them.

-Guys don't fight!-

He muttered. Alex saw the opportunity and used it:

-Did you mean DONUT fight?-

He reached towards the fridge where he had previously caught a glance of a donut and pulled it out for everyone to see, and the next moment he found himself escaping from an angry crutch that was sent into the air by its angry owner.

-Wow, I'm JELLY of Cameron's good throw.-

Chara said, and... Asriel attacked with his entire self. Soon it turned into wrestling. Toriel was almost dying of laughter while seeing the entire picture, because while the pun lovers and pun haters were fighting three on three, Asgore and Mike, who didn't understand much in puns, were having bets on who will win in this weird fight. All three duos stopped when Alex, after being hit by a crutch, literally rammed his brother into the slightly torn sofa, holding him by the light brown, long hair, that by this point was slightly under the shoulder length. Cameron was shouting into the pillows while Alex cruelly tickled him, before the younger brother turned his head and gave a strong bite on Alex's finger, which was exactly the finger Alex was wearing a heavy metallic ring with engraved Delta Rune he bought a few days ago on. After this, Toriel had to sign Cameron for a dentist to fix his tooth, that after the rebuilding turned too white and stood out slightly. Together with him, she signed the other children to see their teeth. Chara almost escaped via the window when she heard that Toriel scheduled her to put braces later.
These were more or less the next two months, and Mike's birthday was in the end of them. Being new to the underground, he asked nothing, he was just too shy, and refused getting a phone when offered, but Cameron, following the already started tradition, got him a locket, matching his eye color, green, and now the wand passed to him, so he will need to buy a locket to the next birthday celebrator who still hadn't one- right now it was Alex. Nothing else interesting happened on this day.
Mike was getting along great with everybody, but mostly with Cameron. He literally GLUED to him. Cameron didn't mind, on the contrary he too got very attached to the green-eyed human. After all, Mike was very nice, friendly and kind. Why not stick to a person like this? Mike was one year older than Cameron, but acted more fitting Asriel's age. It felt odd, but as long as he was getting along with people, nobody cared. The Royal Family easily accepted him, but he refused to show up at addressing days, claiming he didn't like big crowds, mostly looking at him. Not a big deal, Alex and Cameron avoided showing up there either.

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