Chapter 1

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It was just like any other day in school. Like always, I went back home after school and took my guitar, along with my song sheets and headed out to the nearby garden.

When I reached the garden I walked to my secret hideout spot only to hear music coming out from there.

Is someone here? I thought.

I slowly walked through the vines and entered my hideout to find you back facing me.

You noticed me and immediately greeted me.

How did you find this place? I'm pretty sure it's well hidden in the garden. I asked you.

You said that you were strolling in the garden and accidentally tripped. You were about to hit the thick vines but you surprisingly fell through it without any injuries. That's when you discovered this place. You also complimented the decorations of the hideout and said that I made it into a beautiful place.

I couldn't help but be flattered by your statement so I thanked you awkwardly.

It was then, my phone rang. It was my mother. She needed me back home that day to discuss something.

After hanging up, I looked at you and told you that I needed to go. Before I left, you stopped me.

Can I get your name? You asked.

I think you'll be seeing me very often now. I'm Kim Jaehwan. You introduced yourself.

I'm Y/N. Park Y/N. I smiled at you and left the place.

Ever since I met you, your name never seemed to leave my mind.

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