Chapter 35: Old Jiang Madame

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The moment Jiang Ruan spoke, the person on the ground trembled before finally raising her head in a steady manner. Upon seeing this, Jiang Ruan's breath became labored as she slowly balled up her fists.

Lines were woven across Zhou momo's weathered face. Her body was so thin, like merely skin wrapped around bones. The two cheeks that had once expressed good fortune were now deeply sunken. Yet, the most terrifying feature was her pair of eyes, because now, there remained only dried eye sockets in their place. It was clear that someone had mercilessly gouged her eyeballs out.

"Ah!" Lu Zhu exclaimed, before immediately clasping her hand over her mouth. She did not have the heart to continue being a spectator of this scene. Evidently, this old married woman had gone through countless painful experiences. Her whole body discharged whiffs of rotting stench. Because she had lost her sight in both eyes, she could only tilt her head upwards blankly. With quivering lips, she spoke, "Eldest Miss?"

"It's me." Jiang Ruan disregarded the odd looks from people around her and bent her body to pull Zhou momo into her embrace. Her gaze was as cold as ice, and yet, her voice was strangely mesmerizing. Jiang Ruan consoled Zhou momo, "Nai Niang, A'Ruan[1]has returned."

[1] Ā [ 阿 ] : prefix used before monosyllabic names, kinship terms etc to indicate familiarity.

It seemed like the time had suddenly returned to a few years ago, when she and Jiang Xin Zhi were still young and foolish children. Every time they had angered Zhao Mei, it was Zhou momo who had helped them to mollify her. Whenever she and Jiang Xin Zhi were punished by kneeling in the ancestral hall after they had stirred up trouble, it was also Zhou momo who had secretly had food sent to them in the middle of the night. Zhou momo did not have any children in her life so she had treated them as if they were her own. Except now, instead of a pair of always affectionate and smiling eyes, only empty, gaping eye sockets remained- how could one remain indifferent to her plight!

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