Chapter 17-Marrying??

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#shean pov#

"Shean not for long Fleming, can you explain me what the fuck this is?" Jack yelled throwing the two days old newspaper on my face as soon as I sat in front of him. I opened my mouth to say something but he cut me off saying while glaring at me,

"You know what don't even explain it, OK? Cause after you did this I should have simply never talked to you but what I did I gave you a CHANCE!! And you came late. Tell me who's best friend learn that their best friend is going to get married when they read it in newspaper with thousands of many people at the same time!! I mean who?? Gezz, why am I still talking to you??" He. Is. Frustrated. And. Hell. Of. Angry. I gulped as I saw him getting mad but that is really not my mistake.


"You still have something to say??"

"Jack!! Stop begin dramatic and listen to me!!"

"Dramatic!! I am begin dramatic?? You are getting fucking married and you never told me!!"

"Jack I told you!!"

"When??? When you were dreaming about me?"

"Jack shut the fuck up and listen to me  right now, and I told you just let me explain."

Jack shut his mouth with a pout after that giving me finally the chance to explain. I recall what happened that day and I very well know that this was his mistake. That day the first thing I did after giving my answer to kai was I went straight and find jack......

"Jack, I have to talk to you about something really important." I said trying to gain his attention. He roam around the room packing stuff. I didn't need to ask why he was doing so. Apparently jack work into one of those detective agency and so he sometimes need to travel around to gather information. And trust me, he loves his job and his sneaky ass is good at it too.

He didn't pay me any attention at all and keep on working in hurry. I called his name around repeatedly moving behind him to gain his attention because I know very well that if he found it out from somewhere else then, don't even ask me. But he got annoyed and yelled at me to stop. When he was all done and in his hurry to go out I shouted,

"Jack I'm getting married!"

"Yeah, and I am getting divorced!" He yelled back already out of the door. And then he was gone.

He keep avoiding my eyes and was thinking really hard to find reasons to blame me now. Finally he let out a sigh giving up and said, " fine, this time it was my mistake, but how could I have trust you? You never had a girlfriend and all....and that reminds me you are marrying a man! You never told me about this. I knew it always but I still thought you would tell me first and-" he stopped his babbling when he saw my do-you-really-want-to-die face. He really is an asshole. He gave me confused look asking, "you are not a gay?" and my expression changed to you-really-need-to-ask-that. He nodded his head still confused and then suddenly thunder struck in his mind and he asked me the question I was afraid of,

" Then why are you marrying him?"

I gulped under his questionfull gaze and one thing was clear that I can't lie but I still tried my luck and told him the same story I have told my dad. He listen silently till end and said in last, " Then I also wanted to tell you that I saw a square circle on my last trip."

"That's crap."


"But that's the truth!"

"And yesterday I saw sun rising from west." He dead planted.

I kept quite after that. I knew already I wouldn't be able to lie to him but still I wanted to test whether 100°c water is hot or not. Jack kept staring at me telling me silently that he wanted my answer. After opening and closing my mouth like a fish for hundredth time to come out with an excuse I finally gave up,

"Jack can you trust me?" I asked hesitatingly. He raised his eyebrow at me without saying a word to let me explain what I wanted to say. God!! I don't wanna do this.

" Jack I am not a gay and you already know the news about us being lover is fake, we are not exactly couples but I am still marrying him and please don't ask why because I can't really tell you why, just trust me I will tell you if something is wrong." I spoke in one breath. Jack remain silent for a while before he took my hand in his hand said,

"Shean whatever you do I can't really get mad at you. All I hope is you are not going to hurt yourself doing this." I nodded my head to let him continue "If there is anything I can help with then you know I am here, right?" He said sincerely and I knew he meant it. He was always there for me from the beginning. I smiled and said, " I know." He let out a sigh of relief and said,

" Well then forget it, we have preparation to do now, only three weeks are left. And I will also need to make it up for not being able to attend your engagement because I was busy begin an asshole." I smiled and smack his head playfully saying, " Your are going to hear it from me for rest of your life now."  We both burst out laughing.


Hey guys, sorry for a short chapter and marriage is coming soon!! I will not say anything more cause I need to go back to my studies now. I will try to update ASAP if I got time.

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