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So finally the story will have regular updates from now on.

P.S. Unedited chapter

The days after their return from London were chaotic. The marriage events were starting soon and there was so less time.

As soon as they landed on the airport Pushkar was straight dragged for the sherwani fitting and Shravan had no choice but to accompany him.

"Arreh Mumma, pehle ghar chalte hai. Haath moh doh kar fresh hone do. Phir chalte hai na." Pushkar complained.

"Tu chup kar. Inna time nahi hai maino pass. Tujhe pata bhi hai kinne kaam bache hai. Khud toh dono nalayak London ghumke aa gaye."

Shravan and Pushkar exchanged helpless glances knowing saying anything would be equivalent to triggering the time bomb.

Shravan's phone beeped in his pant pocket. A smile spread on his face seeing Suman's text.

Hey. Reached?

Ya. Just landed and now Chachiji is taking us straight for fitting😅

She was fretting about it for the past few days. No wonder she is taking you straight from airport.😂

"Bhaiya Chalo utaro. Hum puchahe gaye." Pushkar nudged him.

Typing a quick goodbye and a promise to catch up later Shravan followed Pushkar inside.


The evening found the entire Malhotra and Tiwari clans huddled together in the living room of Tiwari Killa going over the final arrangements. Pushkar and Preeti's mehendi was in five days and the atmosphere was buzz with excitement.

Shravan sighed in relief when he saw Nanaji accept the change in the venue of the reception after a little hesitation. He was thankful that a brawl hadn't broken out like in his family over this as well.

All the wedding ceremonies were scheduled to take place in the Malhotra farmhouse but Kamini chachi suddenly had a change of heart and insisted that at least the reception should be held in a five star hotel. Lalaji didn't agree with her believing a change of plans so close to the wedding was unwise and not required. The two bickered about it back and forth until Lalaji finally gave in to his wife's whims.

"Aap ke aage hamari chali hi kab hai." He shook his head despondently, advising Pushkar to not end up like him.

"Kuch bhi aivanyi." Kamini huffed before instructing father son on the work that needed to be done.

Shravan smiled slightly seeing Suman serve refreshments to everyone. He hadn't got a chance to talk to her since they returned. Everyone was so busy with the wedding preparations. Catching her eye he signalled her to follow him to the garden.

"Hi." He smiled.


"So what's up?"

"Nothing, just wedding preparations. So tell me now that the case is over, you will be opening your firm?"

"Ya, we will start after the wedding. Eric will be......"

A shrill scream from inside interrupted them.


The wedding preparations were put on a temporary halt with the birth of Varun and Vandy's daughter, Vidya.

The entire clan was there when mother and daughter were brought home. They took turns holding the newborn and cooing at her.

Congratulations were exchanged and sweets distributed.

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