I awoke to blinding light. At first I hoped I'd died, but as I began to move my leg, a white hot pain danced up my leg making me cry out. "You're not healed yet Reve", it was Dr Augustine. "You've taken a nasty beating and your leg has broke, I've patched you up as best I can but you'll be off your feet for awhile". I looked towards him as he busied himself, not looking at me.

"Did you know this went on?" I asked. This barbaric way of torture within the hybrids must have been noticed, but I honestly doubted the Grays or the Draconians cared much. I knew we were a means to an end for them. He looked at me, seeing me properly for perhaps the first time since we'd been acquainted.

"I heard rumours of it" was all he said. "Well do I look like a fucking rumour to you!?" anger getting the better of me. "They beat me and Rufus raped me". He turned away from me, "I cannot help you Reve", And I wasn't surprised, to him I was a prize pig. I led back, the tears falling softly from my eyes. I had no friends or allies here, the people I loved most had been taken from me, and now I was to be used as a punch bag amongst other things. I'd never wished for death, but in that dark moment, immersed in my pain. I prayed to whatever god there was, to take me away from this. I wasn't sure I was strong enough to survive, let alone attempt a revolution.

Exhaustion claimed me and I gratefully slipped into the darkness.

I felt a cool hand caress my cheek, as I opened my eyes I saw it was Lolita. Her face was grave as she took in my sorry state. "I'm sorry Reve", she said to me. "I tried to warn you..."

"Stop!" I said interrupting her, "this was not your fault! They did this, not you", She held my hand, and sat quietly with me. That little gesture of kindness nearly started fresh tears, but I controlled myself. I wouldn't cry over it anymore. I'd get even. A plan had begun to take shape in my mind, and it was the taste of revenge that would keep me going. I fell back asleep still holding onto her Lolita's hand, her kindness giving me the comfort I so desperately needed.

The next time I awoke, I found myself alone. I gingerly moved my leg and waited for the pain, there was none. My muscles felt stiff and a little sore, but otherwise ok. 'Thank goodness for the wuick healing' I thought. It wouldn't do me much good if I was lame, not when I wanted payback. I lifted the covers off my body and swung my legs off the bed. Slowly putting my weight onto my healing leg. It wasn't easy and there was some pain, but it was bearable. That was good. In a day or so I would be out of here and ready for what I planned to do.

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