♡The Makeup Artist♡

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You zipped your bag closed, and sighed. When you lifted it, the weight made you groan. Working as a makeup artist in Hollywood was no joke - especially when it came to the equipmemt that you were required to carry around.

Despite the day being dull, and your bag being extremely heavy - you were excited. Excited because today, you were going to be travelling with your best friend - Luisa. Since the both of you worked for the same company, you saw each other a lot - but doing field work was a whole other story.

Your boss had informed the two of you that she had booked you both a marvelous job opportunity. She hadn't told you whom you were going to be working for, all she gave you was the address.

Luisa and yourself were beyond excited. The two of you were practically sisters - every moment spent together was timeless.

As you began to make your way out of your small flat, the telephone began to ring. You stopped, and walked over to the device - picking up the receiver.


"(Y/N)! Oh my God! Are you ready?" Luisa's voice rang through from the other side.

"Yes, I'm leaving home now," you frowned a little.

"Girl, I won't be able to make it today - you'll have to go on your own," she sucked some air through her teeth. "Jacob's sick," she said, referring to her year old son.

"What?!" you panicked. "Luisa, come on...I can't do this on my own!"

"Well you'll have to. You need the money as well," she chastised you. The truth was, she had a fairly good point. You sighed in defeat.

"Fine," you groaned. "I'll go on my own. But you owe me," you laughed a little before disconnecting the call, setting the receiver down.

Oh God, (Y/N) - please don't embarrass yourself. Let's do this.


You had gotten into a cab after getting off the phone with Luisa, and after an hour drive - the vehicle came to a stop outside of a grand hotel. A small frown appeared on your face as you fished out a few monetary notes from your bag.

"Here," you handed the driver the money. "Thank you," you smiled before getting out. He smiled and waved before driving off. You took out your notebook from your bag, and opened it up to the page where the address had been written.

We're at the right place.

You walked up the staircase, and through the front doors. Immediately, you were greeted with the fresh scent of mint. All around, you could see well dressed people - minding their own business. It was a little bit of a culture shock, because the people gave off a snooty vibe.

Suddenly, a buff man walked up to you. He stared at you momentarily before speaking.

"Are you (Y/N) (Y/LN)?" he asked.

"Yeah," you smiled a little.

"And your friend...Luisa?" he prodded.

"Uh, she couldn't make it," you laughed awkwardly. "Her son is sick,"

The man studied you for a moment longer before nodding and turning around.

"Follow me,"


After about five minutes of walking, the man had led you to the penthouse suite. Your eyes were wide with awe, you knew how expensive that suite was. The man opened the door, and gestured for you to walk in.

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