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I spent the whole period brainstorming how I could come up with a unique hero name, but my mind just went blank. As I kept staring at the blank paper in front of me, somebody waved their hand in my face, drawing my attention from my train of thought. I looked up, Izuku. "Hey! I was focusing a little too hard at my hero name, did the bell for lunch ring already?" He nodded, "yeah, you wanna sit with us?" Us? Who exactly is 'us'? "Oh um, sure! Just let me get my lunch" I pulled out my bento box and walked with Izuku, "you should give me a little tour on the school sometime!" I smiled, "Sure!"

We arrived at the cafeteria and looked at how crowded it was, Izuku pointed at the table where most of the class was at. I sat besides Izuku and greeted everybody. "Hi!" The chatter at the table stopped, I looked at Izuku and then down at my bento. "Sorry I should, go?" "Wait! Y/N!" But before he could finish, I got up from the table and made myself at an empty one.

As I sat down at the table another student from our class sat with me, "I apologize, was this table taken?" He took a seat and shook his head, "not at all, Y/N, is it?" I gave a small smile. "Yeah, uhm.." "Shoto Todoroki" "Nice to meet you!" I smiled at him, he just stared blankly. Was he not friendly at all? "Sorry.. I don't want to come off as impulsive since we just know each other's name but, your eyes are beautiful.." my words seemed to have caught him off guard and a light hue of red paint his cheeks. "Well, thank you" he said coldly.

I opened up my bento box and smiled seeing as none of the contents shifted too drastically from today's incident. "Hey Todoroki?" I poked around my bento box and picked up a piece of chicken, "Yeah?" He looked up from his own plate. "Would you like something from my plate? You don't seem on much appetite with yours?" I smiled at him, he examined my bento and picked up a piece of chicken and dipped it in the small container of sauce. He plopped it into his mouth and made a face, I giggled. "What? What was that sauce?" I cocked my head to the side, "this? Its barbecue sauce! Its very famous in America" he raised an eyebrow "America?" I nod, "Yeah, I transferred from America to Japan" he looked down at my bento. "I don't mind if we share, it's too much food for me anyways" "are you sure? I wouldn't want to leave you without food" I nod. "Thank you" we shared my bento box and continued talking with a small laughter here and there.

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