Chapter 19; There's Been An Accident.

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About 10 minutes into the movie Michael discreetly glanced over at Olivia. He slowly slid his hand across the couch in the direction of hers and grabbed it. She didn't snatch away. Instead she grabbed his hand back as well. They stayed like this for a while. Thinking only about the movie and each other. Because of this, they failed to realize that Rosie had come down stairs and seen them. "What's going on here?" Rosie asked as she stared at their hands. The two snatched away and seperated from eachother. "Oh, mom!" Olivia answered her. An awkward presence filled the room as rhey all exchanged eye contact with each other. . .

~Rosie POV~

I couldn't believe my eyes. Why in the world would Michael and Olivia be holding hands? I had no idea they had something going on between them. This is unnacceptable. "How long has this been going on between you two?" I needed to know. This needed to stop. "We got feelings for eachother in February, we never acted until now." Olivia admitted. "Well, he is your teacher Olivia! This is not to continue." I demanded. "Was" Michael muttered. What does he mean, was? Why am I left in the dark so often. I never felt such a disconnect from my daughter before. "Was?" I questioned. "Well, I lost my job today, Rosie." He immediately answered. "Does it have anything to do with this?" I asked while pointing to their hands. They both just looked down. "Well?" I said demanding an answer. "Mom, Bryson used me." Olivia answered. "That's not what I asked Olivia. Does it have anything to do with this?" I repeated myself. "Michael wrote me these love letters." She paused. I gave her a look that told her to continue. "Bryson took them and gave them to the principal." She continued. "You know what? I don't care because this is going to stop right here, right now." I demanded. Olivia lost the embarrased look on her face. I saw the anger fill in her eyes. "No it isn't. I'll be graduating in a month. I'm not going to stop seeing Michael, and you can't make me." She spat. Excuse me? Who the hell did she think she was? "What?" I asked, giving her another chance. "I refuse to stop seeing Michael. I want to be with him." She continued. I scoffed. I was going to scream I was so mad. "I- I- mom, I love him." She said. "You don't know anything about love." I said. "Liv, just listen to your mother." Michael finally spoke up. Olivia looked at him, now even more angrier, then back at me before storming off into her room. I didn't want to be left with Michael so I followed after flashing him a disappointing look. He looked down as I walked away. . .

~Michael POV~

I was so embarrased to have gotten caught by Rosie. I just wanted to be with Olivia. We finally start embracing each other and it ends within a few hours. I couldn't even look at Rosie. I definitely lost all her trust. On the bright side, Olivia said she loves me. I can't help but wonder if it was only in the moment though. Either way, hearing those words come out of her mouth drove me completely crazy. I couldn't help but smile when everyone left the room. A frown shortly returned to my face not knowing what was to come next. The only thing I could think to do was to give Rosie and Olivia some space. I made my way outside. I didn't stop at the gazebo however. Instead I made my way past the swimming pool and deep into the yard. I took a seat on the grass and slightly laid down. My arms propped me up and my legs crossed. I felt horrible but I continued smiling just at the thought of Olivia saying she loves me. . .

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