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(Y/N)'s POV

It's been a few weeks, every since Touya went missing. I had been very stressed out because I started at U.A. I feel like I should give up for now, and try to find him in a few years. "I just want life to pause for one second." I sighed.

I looked at my computer, watching something on youtube. I switched it Ace Attorney and smirked. "Maybe I can sue Touya when I finally get to see him again." I chuckled. I paused Ace Attorney and played Seventeen (y'know from Heathers).

I sang fews of the words and when I got to 'Seventeen' I paused, "Am I really that old?" I asked. I looked in the mirror, and I looked sixteen. A 'Phew' came out of my mouth, and grinned. I flopped onto my bed and buried myself in the blankets.

I listened to the song, and heard 'People hurt us, People vanish.' I closed my eyes shut and silently cry, as I was crying I heard the door open. I opened my eyes and saw my little brother (Yeah you have a little brother!). He looked at my pouring (E/C) eyes "(Y/N)-Nii are you ok?" He asked.

He walked to me and hugged me. He showed me his lovely turquoise eyes, reminding me of Touya. I hugged him back I'm so happy he cares about me I thought. I hugged him tightly, as my tears showered over him. He looked up at me, and made that precious smile, I used to make around Touya.

"Yeah, you're damaged, but you're happiness is too good to lose." He surmised. I looked up my brother's little face, and wiped my tears. I'm surprised a little sentence can stop sadness, and I can't believe that he fixed me up like a teddy bear that got ripped apart. I let go of my brother, and facepalmed.

"I can't believe my little brother is acting like my older brother!" I chuckled. He gave me a big smile and walked out of my room. I paused the song, seventeen, and walked back to the bed. I sat down, playing with my fingers like I child.

Touya (Or Now Called Dabi)'s POV

I was in Hosu city, looking at the TVs, talking about Stain. I touched my patchworks, amazed on how many heroes, he killed. I slowly walked away from the TVs, heading towards an alleyway.

Ok, this getting awkward for me, so I'm gonna stop the horrible chapter. Sorry for making it short. I know, I'm being lazy as fuck, and yeah. So Bye for now!

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