Chapter 1: I'm Straight

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[A/N I edited it so it may seem different]

Shay's POV:

Noisy, I can hear people gathering around me with heavy sloppy footsteps, I can hear the alarming sound of the ambulance and I can feel my body being pulled up, I tried to open my heavy eyelids to see Aoi's worried face shouting nonsense while crying, What's happening?

As I become more sleepy I saw a flash of light before me, a gentle palm over my eyes and an angelic voice whisper 'I'm sorry' followed by the sound of water dripping.

The sound stopped, everything was silent until it was replaced with chirps of singing birds "mhm" I groaned as I twist and turn in my sleep, god why is it so noisy? as I started to scratch my head through my silk-like hair? usually, it's rough.

A sigh was heard until the voice shouted '........WAKE UP!'  startled by the sudden voice I quickly got up "I SWEAR I WILL PAY THE RENT ON TIME PLEASE DON'T CASTRATE ME, MUM!"

 (Castrate: Removing a male's genital)

Confused by the first that came out of my mouth '......What?' 

I look around the unfamiliar room that looks more expensive than my PS4 and my Switch combined "What, where the hell am I? And who was?" I scan the room for the source of the voice to find the room empty.

'I'm inside you!'

"Wow, that so doesn't sound wrong" I scuff as I heard the unknown voice growl.

'I don't care, anyway I'm gonna be quick and simple. In dimension 3XXX you died in an accident which wasn't meant to happen I reincarnated you in a different dimension, one that you would be familiar with'

"I would?" I was confused but curious by my current situation "Wait who are you? more like what are you?" The voice made a sound that makes it seem they were kissing their teeth out of frustration 'Just look in the mirror!'

As I slip out of bed I approach the grand mirror to see the current me.

(A/N: Just imagine him with brown hair and eyes from the boy in the heading)

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(A/N: Just imagine him with brown hair and eyes from the boy in the heading)


"WHAT THE DUCK!" As I start to look down at my youthful body and started pinching myself to see if this was all real,'Good job from not swearing I like things PG (That was a lie) your name is Alex Von Hellsing, the villain of the famous Doki Doki Seasons Otome game in your dimension!'

"WHAT THE FEATHER!" credits go to my previous mother for every time I swear,'Yeah so here's the thing' sounding hesitant and a bit anxious 'I have something to confess here, you see I'm not human'

"Nah then you're a bloody 6 yr old who's just waiting to get smacked in the face by puberty" rolling back my eyes with spicy sass.'HEY! Take that sass and put it in your pocket' although Author was mad he/she decided to just let it slide just this once after all this much is the least they can do before all hell rains down 'Anyway I'm what you humans call the Author'

"Author? As in the writer type? what am I just some fictional character you created and you're currently writing everything and controlling everything I do?"

'........ Dang it, SHAY STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL! (Well technically I'm breaking the Fourth wall)  Anyway, I am a god of this world and your world let's just I'm everyone's god in this whole damn place and I'm giving you a second chance and reincarnated you, so be grateful that I gave you this opportunity! not everyone gets a chance to reincarnate by me personally'

I scoffed as I sat back on the edge of my bed "yeah by giving me the worst role EVER! Alex Von Hellsing is the damn villain of the game who always has the bad ending no matter what he does and to top it all of I'M THE HEROINE'S OLDER BROTHER!!" Credits my side chick and BFF Aoi she's my girl and I'm glad I actually listened to all the crap she talks about.

'....... you're welcome?' they said rather questionable, "THIS IS NOT GREAT!" I shouted until I started to hear small statics 'oh sorry t-' cut off was another sound of statics "Author?" Instead of hearing their voice I hear a buzz.

'the--- signal----- ain't----- good---'

"Are you trying to disconnect? wait how does this even work?" there was no response just silence "God damn it Author how the hell am I supposed to survive in this hell hole!"

End of chapter 1



All the chapters title will change according to the Main protagonist's sexuality, continue reading to watch him slowly turn RAINBOW

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