Home Tonight

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I perked up when my door opened and I sat upon my bed looking over as Jacob came into the room.
"It's time to take you home." He told me with a frown.
I'd survived the three days and could now go home, but I didn't dare celebrate yet.
After getting my things together, which didn't take too long. I just had to pull on my jacket, gloves, and beanie before standing up and following the Alpha out the door.
I was quiet as we walked and we met up with one of his friends by the front door.
Brendan nodded to his superior and Jacob nodded back before we started off.
Jacob in the front, I was at the back. I guess he'd finally stopped trying to keep me close. Maybe he hoped that I'd be attacked from behind.
I made sure to keep my guard up.
We made it to my house at around midnight.
"I hope your father enjoys the rest of his moon cycles." He told me stiffly.
I looked him in the face with a blank expression.
Nathaniel had escaped him, why wasn't he taking it out on me?
"I hope you never visit our home again."
Brendan growled at me, but I wasn't intimidated by him.
Jacob matched my gaze.
"Don't worry, I won't."
I didn't nod, I stood where I was and waited for them to leave.
They walked down the path into the forest and disappeared into the shadows of the trees.
I narrowed my gaze before looking back at my house.
My father must be asleep, but I couldn't help but feel on edge? What was wrong?
Then the thick scent caught my nose, my eyes widened as I ran inside.
Fire, it crackled along the shelves and on the wooden floor. I yelled when I opened the front door and felt the rush of heat.
"PAPA!" I ran inside.
My room and his hadn't been touched by the fire yet, but it was too big to put out by myself, and I sidn't think the Alpha would be coming back, why would he?
I took a few more clothes and hid my mother's necklace in the bundle before rushing back into the kitchen.
But there was too much fire.
I went into my father's study and locked the door.
I turned around and gasped when I saw my father on the ground.
"Papa!" I coughed getting to the ground and shaking him. He didn't move, his head was bleeding.
"Papa no..." I cried tears gathering in my eyes.
I looked around his office quickly as smoke began to fill the room.
I pressed the bundle I had over my nose and mouth as I grabbed my dad's old writing kit. In the back of my father's study was a window. I threw the kit through it smashing it open, then a book knocking out the extra glass. Then hooking my arms under his I dragged him over to the window. I had my bundle under one arm as I dragged him to the window. My eyes sharped, reaching for strength as I heaved him above me and shoved him through the window. Suddenly the door splintered as flames licked at the thick wood.
I got up on the window sill before my back got painfully hot.
The flames were rushing at me. And I had barely heard the explosion ensuing after.

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