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Jim jumps awake on his couch, he sits up yawning, looking around he notices that all the beer cans and trash is gone form the table and floor, he looks over and sees Y/n standing arms crossed with one hip sticking out in the doorway of his kitchen, he does that stupid face and smiles that usually makes her calm down, she rolls her eyes and goes back into the kitchen

"Sleep good?" She asks a little too loud, he flinched a little and got up, he gets his shirt on as he listens to her chew him out about getting drunk again, he walks into the kitchen where he finds her cooking some pancakes, eggs and bacon he gets...

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"Sleep good?" She asks a little too loud, he flinched a little and got up, he gets his shirt on as he listens to her chew him out about getting drunk again, he walks into the kitchen where he finds her cooking some pancakes, eggs and bacon he gets himself a cup of coffee since she already had some ready then he sits down at the table, she pours some batter into the pan
"I ironed your uniform, and washed the rest of them. You really need to keep up with them, you're gonna run out and be even later to work and Flo is going to have a fit--" He listens to her rant as she starts to make another pancake
"Why are you here?" She stops mid-sentence and turns to him, "I'm here to clean your house, cook you breakfast, and make sure you haven't drank yourself into some kind of alcoholic coma in which case-" She's gets cut off by him slamming his hand down on the table, she jumps and looks at him, he doesn't meet her eyes
"No. Why are you here helping me?" He looks her in the eyes, she turns around and flips the pancake keeping her back to him so he doesn't see the tears in her eyes
"Why are you here? I hired you to watch my daughter and you did— you did more than that. You helped her, you made her last weeks full of hope and happiness an-and laughter. So Why In The Hell Are You Helping A Piece Of Shit Like Me?!" She turns to him tears running down her face as he holds his back, she clears her throat
"While I was watching her... I started to care for you too, and she loved you so I want to make sure you're okay, not just for her but for you. I-if something were to happen to you I don't know what I would do." She tells him, he wipes his face and sniffles, he stands up and walks over to her pulling her into a hug
She hugs him back and he breaks crying into her shoulder, she let's her own tears fall as she hides her face in his chest
"She loved you soo much, Jim, she was so proud that you were here dad." She tells him softly, he nods and they let go, she smiles softly and turns to make their plates then they sit down and eat.

Now. Y/n's POV

Rain beat down on the house as thunder rumbles through the sky, Eleven sits on a couch in the basement breathing heavy her t-shirt soaking wet with a jacket over her shoulders while I laid on the floor my fur wet "Is there a number we can call for your parents?" Mike asks
I look up at him my heart filled with joy at seeing my little brother and his friends but I didn't want to freak them out by turning back, I'm pretty sure their freaked enough, the only questions I have as I look over them is Where's Will? And why in the hell were they in the woods in the middle of the night while it's fracking raining? Eleven looks at Mike startled
"Where's your hair? Do you have cancer?" I look over at Dustin rolling my eyes, "Did you run away?" Lucas asks, "Are you in some kind of trouble?" I look at Mike "Is that blood?" Lucas questions, he sticks his hand out but Mike slaps it
"Stop it! You're freaking her out!" Mike tells him "She's freaking me out!" Lucas fires back "I bet she's deaf." Dustin claps causing Eleven to jump, "Not deaf." Dustin says looking at Mikel "All right, that's enough, all right? She's jut scared and cold." Mike tells them, he goes over to a laundry basket and grabs some clothes thunder rumble again and Eleven jumps, I sit up whining nudging her hand with my nose she looks at me and calms down a little but not enough
"Here, these are clean. Okay?" Mike hands her the clothes, she rubs her cheek against it before sitting them down, she takes off the jacket and stands up and goes to pull her shirt off, "No, no, no!" Mike says stopping her Dustin repeat oh my God while him and Lucas turn the other way
"See over there? Th-that's the bathroom." Mike stammers pointing at the bathroom, "Privacy. Get it?" He asks he leads her to the bathroom while I sit with Lucas and Dustin waiting for her to get done, I watch Mike and her interact
"This is mental." Dustin tells Mike when he comes back, "At least she can talk." Mike says, "She said 'no' and 'yes.' Your three year old sister says more." Lucas comments, "She tried to get naked." Dustin jumps in, "There's something seriously wrong with her. Like, wrong in the head." Lucas says "She went like..." Dustin says and acts like he's pulling a shirt off knocking his hat off in the process
"I bet she escaped from Pennhurst." "From where?" Mike asks Lucas "The nuthouse in Kerley County." He explains, "You got a lot of family there?" Dustin insults smiling, "Bite me." I watch them with happiness from being near my boys again, even if they have no idea that i'm sitting right next to them
"Seriously though, think about it. That would explain her shaved hair and why she's so crazy." Lucas tells Mike, "Why she went like..." Dustin does the shirt thing again, "She's an escapee is the point. She's probably a psycho." Well he's not wrong about the escapee part
"Like Michael Myers." Dustin says "Exactly! We should have never brought her here." Lucas agrees "So you just wanted to leave her out in that storm?" Mike asks "Yes! We went out to find Will, not another problem." I look up alarmed, find Will? Why would they need to find Will? A whine leaves my throat, worry hitting me head on
"I think you should tell your mom." Dustin tells Mike "I second that." Lucas says "Who's crazy now?"2 "How is that crazy?" Lucas asks "'Cause, we weren't supposed to be out tonight, remember?" "So?" Lucas asks, Mike sighs "So if I tell my mom and she tells your mom and your mom..." He trails off
"Our houses become Alcatraz." Lucas connects, "Exactly. We'll never find Will." Dustin looks at Lucas and does the shirt thing
"All right, here's the plan. She sleeps here tonight.-" "You're letting a girl--" Dustin starts
"Just listen! In the morning, she sneaks around my house, goes to the front door and rings my doorbell. My mom will answer and know exactly what to do. She'll send her back to Pennhurst or wherever she comes from. We'll be totally in the clear. And tomorrow night, we go back out. And this time, we find Will." The boys look at each other before agreeing to Mike's plan.
As Dustin and Lucas leave Mike hands Eleven his sleeping bag in and a pillow little fort he made her
"Here you go. This is my sleeping bag. Hey, um, I never asked your name." Eleven looks down and pulls up her sleeve showing her tattoo, "Is that real?" He  asks going to touch it Eleven snatches back "Sorry, I've just... never seen a kid with a tattoo before." He smiles softly
"What's it mean? Eleven?" Eleven points at herself twice, "That's your name?" She nods "Eleven. Okay. Um, well, my name's Mike. Short for Michael. Maybe we can call you El. Short for Eleven." She nods, I wag my tail at the name
"Um, well, okay. Night El." He stands up, "Night, Mike." She tells him crawling into the fort, Mike puts the blanket in front of it so no one can see inside, I stand up as he goes to leave not wanting him to, I whine at the bottom of the stairs he stops and turns to me he pats my head and gently touch's the tag hanging from my ear
"Fifteen." He says before looking me in the eyes his eyebrows frowning at the weird color of my right eye, "How about I call you... Molly, my sister always wanted a dog named that." He smiles sadly, my heart hurt at the fact he remembered that and at the tears in his eyes, I look at him
"Night, Molly." He says and leaves shutting the door, I shift back going through the laundry I find some clothes throwing them on I go back to El to find her crying, I lie next to her pulling her into my chest after wiping her tears
"Shh, shh. It's alright, we're going to be okay." I comfort her rubbing her back, I decide to take her mind off of things by telling her some stuff  "El, remember when I said I had a little brother the same age as you?" She nods looking up at me "That was him." I tell her she cuddles up to me as I tell her stories about Me, Mike and his friends until she falls asleep I fall asleep soon after.

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