The Beginning.

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All I wanted was to hurt them. An unhealthy obsession to make them feel how dark I felt, how broken I was deep within my body. A soul damaged by a lifetime of cruelty, a mind and body honed for things that would make a man weep.

The scars reminded me that I was alive – the pain kept me awake in the dark hours of the night. I didn't run because I was scared, or sick of the pain. I ran because they had finally broken the last defence inside of me that held back the withering rage beneath my skin. I would have killed as many as I could – and I would have hung for it.

I could not let them win like that.

At first, I thought I was going to starve to death in the wild. Or that I would be torn apart by animals bigger and stronger than I. It didn't matter that my mind was violent if my body wasn't.

Then I found her: a baby with no mother, a soul just as lost and abandoned as I was. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Wary eyes, darker than the night sky, stared out at me. A small body, shaking in the cutting wind with tiny wings tucked close to a scaled body. She was a deep azure, faded into faint shades of deep purple and when I gathered her into my arms, I felt some semblance of peace for the first time in years.

My soul, almost gone, was sown together and I knew she felt the same. She was the colour for dark serenity – something to tether me to the world again.

As if she was that catalyst for change in my life, I came across my true family only weeks later. The only thing we weren't bonded by was blood: my pain was subdued and I felt content. With this new family, my name had been made three times over.

Lilia Merek.

The tortured daughter of an uncaring father.


A Rebel. A Thief. An Assassin.

The First Dragon Rider.

A legend come true.

Then, there came him. A man who worked to see past the vicious criminal I was, who worked to see every little broken part of me. And when he did, he picked up the jagged pieces and ignored the sharp pieces that hurt him, to build me back together.

Fate had taken control of our lives, and the journey was unforgettable.

"An excerpt from the diaries of the first known Dragon Rider. The mother of the Race of Riders and one of the founders of the Valaxain State" - -  A legend to our people. 

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