3. An Unfortunate Mishap (Sort of)

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My head bobbed up and down at its own accord. I glance at the girl as she screamed at the guy, telling him that Lauren will definitely hear about this little incident. She shoved pass me and then the students started laughing. At first, I panicked, thinking that they might be laughing at me but when I turn around, I saw the girl on the floor, the banana peel just inches away from her six-inch heels.

My diabolical plan worked and I can't help but to giggle at the sight in front of me. I look back at the guy but he had a sympathetic frown etched on his gorgeous face. I scowled at his angelic personality and walked my way out of the mayhem I had just caused.


My eyes widened when I saw two people coming towards my way. Groaning, I turn around and walk the other way around. Inopportunely, they didn't get my message and dragged me towards a secluded corner.

"Oh gracious goodness! I heard about the mishap!" Keisha practically yelled in exhilaration. Her eyes were livelier than usual. She was tapping her right foot, a sign that she's agitated and thrilled. "Well, you know how rumors can spread like a wildfire. Cheyenne Middle School is never an exception. Did you really punch Katy Williams?"

My jaws slack at the morbid information. "I did not!"

Both girls exchanged looks and shrugged.

"Did Greyson Chance strip off?!" Keisha wonders, literally squealing and jumping on her spot. Angela rolled her eyes but waited for me to answer the rash interrogation. "Does he have abs? Oh my gosh, how many is it? Six? Eight? Come on, girl. Share the juicy information."

I sighed. "Nine pack."

At hearing the 'juicy information', Keisha fangirled. She was fanning herself hysterically with her hands, sporadically smacking Angela, and jumping. Lots of jumping. Poor Angela.

"Keisha, she was being satirical." Angela pipes up. "It is scientifically confirmed to be impossible for a person of the opposite sex to produce nine abdominal muscles. If we are going to comprise Math and my favorite subject—Common Sense—in the equation, then I can infer that [Yn] right here is lying. It would be uneven to have nine abs, don't you think?"

Now I am alarmed yet stunned at this little woman in front of me. It is clear that she's brainy but sometimes, her wit can scare people away. I am beginning to like Angela as a friend.

"Whatever." Keisha huffed. "Well, enough with the fake rumors. You have to tell us the full details, [Yn]-Whatever-Your-Family-Name-Is. It is mandatory."

"Why do I need to tell you though?"

"Because we're friends." says Keisha.

"Actually, it is in contradiction of the law to force someone out of something unless you have the authorized license to do so. Subsequently, you are free not to tell us anything at all." added Angela. Keisha glowered at her, causing Angela to shrug innocently at her.

"We're your best friends, [Yn]." Keisha spoke again. I raised my brows in question. "I mean, we want you to be. Also, we'd rather hear the story from you. Ya dig?"

I shook my head and laughed. "Alright, I'll tell you."

"Let's go to the soccer field though. I need a fresh air." Angela said, as we walk down towards the field, both of them listening at me as I launch on my diabolical tale.


"And, that's what actually happened." I finished, my throat feeling raw from all the talking. Both girls were very attentive when I started talking and I honestly enjoyed their company. Keisha, visibly, cuts me from my story from time to time to squeal. Angela, though the polar opposite of Keisha, managed to cut me off too as she blurt out the science behind banana peel and why people slip and slide from it. "Also, no, Greyson did not strip off his clothes. But he was kinda tensed when they mentioned the name 'Lauren'."

Angela nodded in grave understanding whilst Keisha gasped excessively. She stared at me in horror and then proceeded to chew her nails. I asked them what's wrong but Angela was too busy telling Keisha to stop biting her nails and to stay calm.

I scan my eyes around the field and my gaze stop at a certain someone. Greyson was the only one in his team that's not wearing his varsity shirt. He was wearing a plain white shirt (which looks hot in him, by the way), but the guilt is still in the pit of my stomach and it makes me mad how I can't do anything about it.

"Seriously, Keisha." Angela reproaches. "Stop biting your nails."

"I can't! I am stressed out!"

"Your nails are an ideal location for bacteria to thrive, and that includes potentially pathogenic bacteria like salmonella and E. coli—which would love to call the underside of your nail tips home, by the way,—" Angela retorted, her doctor mode activated.

"It is true, Keisha." I commented. "As you bite your nails, those bacteria easily transfer into your mouth and the rest of your body, where they may lead to infections."

Angela nod her head profusely, giving Keisha a stern look. "Your fingernails may actually be twice as dirty as your fingers, considering they're difficult to keep clean, making this a prime point to transfer infectious organisms."

Keisha groaned, but fortunately decided to drop her hands. "Alright, mom and dad. I just can't help it."

"It's going to be okay." Angela consoled her. "She has onychophagia." She addresses me, filling me in with the new information.

"What are you stressed about anyway?" I asked curiously. "I hope you don't mind me asking that."

"It's just...Lauren." Angela choked out.

I raised my brows in surprise. What's with this Lauren chick and why does half of the school look like it's going to flip whenever someone mentions her name. This is like Voldemort all over again.

"Yeah, she-who-must-not-be-named." I rolled my eyes impatiently. "What's up with her? Why do y'all's blood drain out whenever someone mentions her name? Even Greyson Chance, which you said, is a pretty famous guy."

Keisha cackled like a madman. I am starting to doubt if the bacteria efficaciously entered her immune system and somehow fared to move their way up her brain to ruin her sanity. "Oh, dear. It's because Lauren is a queen beach." Okay, she actually said the word that rhymes with 'beach', but I can't say it yet since I just had my confession. "Also, she's Greyson's girlfriend."

I choked at what she said. I am not kidding. I accidentally choked on my own spit. My lungs were failing me, and I am pretty sure that my tears are welling up in my eyes. Both of the girls were freaking out beside me but when I calmed down, I scan through the crowd once again and saw Greyson sitting on the bench. He was holding a book on his lap and I can't help but to stare for a little while.

"[Yn], are you alright?" Angela snapped me out from my trance.

I blinked and looked away from Greyson. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

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