Jeff the Killer

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The wittle girl sat there sucking on a whale's eyes. 'It twaste dewicious,' the wittle girl thought looking at a wall that has Justin Bieber pictures everywhere. Suddenly, an ugly messed up fat dude came in with a knife! OH ME GLARB A KNNIIIIIFFFEEEEE!!! "WHY YOU HAS JUSTIN BAYBAH IN YOUR ROOM?!" The fat dude said while dancing like a ballerina. "Dwad!" The wittle girl said continuing to suck on a whale's eye. The fat dude left while leaving trails of skwittles everywhere on a rainbow. Then, a pretty dude came into the window while in a ballerina suit! "Oh me glerb! Jeff the stripper! Are you married?!" The wittle girl said dropping the whale's eye. "Nupe, me old girlfriend died of explosive diarrhea on a shark! NOW LET US MARRY AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!" Jeff twe stripper said while picking up the wittle girl. "TO NAARRNIIAAA!" The wittle girl said. They left the window and rode inside an elephant's mouth and came out of the elephant's butthole, in the sky. They live happily ever after and had dog babies. The End.

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