Chapter 1

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(Brendons POV)

"You guys are on in 5!" One of the stage crew say, and I simply nod, taking a swig out of the beer in my hand. "How excited are you, Urie?" Dallon asks besides me and I smile widely. "Very much so, Dalpal. Especially for you." I joke, playfully winking at him. "Is it even stage gay anymore?" Kenny asks. I've thought about that. I have girlfriend though. Of course it is. "Oh yeah totally not. I'm totally gay for Dallon." I say. Maybe I meant that more then I thought I did. Dallon plays along and wraps an arm around my shoulders, pressing me to his side. "C'mon honey, let's ignore them, they're just jealous." Dallon says in a high pitched voice and we all laugh.

I wrap my arm around Dallons middle, as we wait to go out. Dan whispered something in Kennys ear, causing him to look at us, and I give them a questioning look, and they both just look away. I look away too, but I hear Kenny say "it's a possibility." And I look up at Dallon. He hadn't heard, nor did he know they said something. I hear something about Sarah, and I pull away from Dallon, and he gives me a confused look. I place my beer down, and turn to him. "Pick me up." I say. I jump up, and wrap my legs around him, and he holds me. This looks worse then him holding me bridal style, let the rumors start. I don't give a fuck. I know where I stand.

It's all fun and games. Lately everyone has been taking it far too seriously. I lay my head down on him, and look at Dan and Kenny. They were just staring at us. Why are they acting so fucking weird? I look away again. And suddenly I see a flash and look to see Dan had his phone up, a smile on his face. "Goals." He jokes and I smile, chuckling a bit. Why did that mean more to me, then when people called Sarah and I goals? I shake the thought from my head. I loved Sarah. I lift my head and lick Dallons jaw, and jump from his grip, while laughing. He laughs. And wipes it away with his hand onto his shirt. "You're on in 3, 2, 1!" Someone yells and I slap Dallons ass, as someone hands me a microphone.


"I love you guys." I say to the crowd, causing them to scream and I smile. "We love you too." I hear Dallon say, and I laugh and walk over to him. "Aww thanks buddy." I say and he playfully winks at me. I wrap my arms around him, causing everyone in the audience to scream. I press a kiss to his neck, probably letting my lips linger for too long. He tilts his head back, and I chuckle, ruffling his hair. As I'm walking away, I feel him slap my ass and I turn to look at him. He leans down and whispers "payback, baby." In my ear and I laugh. "Fair enough." I say making sure the microphone wasn't near my mouth.

I like to use the excuse 'We do stage gay because it gets the crowd riled up' but in all honesty, I'm starting to think there's more to it then just that. That I'm not being completely honest with myself. I have a girlfriend though, so why do I want Dallon so badly? Or maybe I don't and I'm just drunk? Yeah. I'm straight. I think. We start the next song and at one point, Dallon goes behind me, wrapping his arms around my middle and burys his face into my back. I sway my hips and he lifts his face up, bringing his head into my shoulder. "Don't be so naughty." He whispers in my ear, and I can feel myself get a bit hard. What the fuck.

He runs both of his hands down my sides before walking away, and I continue to sing, trying to ignore the fact that a small joking comment from Dallon got me turned on. Throughout the concert, we both did or said things we probably shouldn't have. Like me grabbing Dallon through his pants, and him kissing my cheek a bit too close to mouth. And our faces awfully close to eachother while singing. Me calling him hot multiple times. The I love yous weren't weird. I did love all of them. They're my best friends. But I knew it would get people thinking. That's the fun part of it.

And yeah maybe me going behind him and acting like I'm fucking him isn't a good idea and that does make us look bad but who fucking cares. Dallon doesn't and I surely don't. I know the stage gay annoys Sarah a bit, but he's my best friend and we're allowed to have fun. It's not like I'm actually fucking him. The fans like it too, like to stir up rumors and what not. It's fun for everyone. After the show, Dallon carries me off the stage as I waved to the crowd, thanking them for coming multiple times. I ended up dropping my beer but that's okay. Once we get to the dressing room, I tell Dallon to sit down, not jumping from his grip.

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