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      I walked through the forest, admiring the beautiful waterfalls and tall trees that grew much larger then my frail figure. The forest was my safe point. Unless of course I came across a rouge, in which case my lovely day is ruined. Don't you just have those days where someone is on your last nerve but you can't do crap about it? Today is that day.

My father, the Alpha of my pack, will literally forbid me from staring men in the face, and I can't even hang around my best friend Novene. Weird name, right? Well, it's a dude. And if you're wondering, no, I have not found my mate yet.

Along with that, he hates it when I go into the woods specifically because of the dangers of rouges or that big and almighty alpha named Eron or some shît. He's none of my business, and if he did even dare to come and attack my pack, I'm positive he'd run off because my dad is just that scary. Alpha Eron was pronounced the most feared alpha known so far, so there's extra security in basically every pack land there is. Clearly it's not working. The man has plots of land like there's no tomorrow.

I sat at the edge of a river, staring at the fish swimming around and the animals skipping through the grass that covered the ground on the other side of the river. Could the world be more beautiful? I don't think it can.

Since I'm such an 18 year old rebel, of course I step out of my packs territory. That's the one thing that pisses my father off. Like, a lot a lot. He's always saying, 'Oh! Emerald, you can't constantly be stepping out of the damned territory! It puts you in danger!'. But me being Emerald Pont, I don't give a crap about what lurks around the bushes and what could be watching me.

I skip a rock across the river, dipping my bare feet into the water. My dress fell on top of the patches of flowers that stood proudly around me. I could suddenly feel my ears twitching from the screams emitting from the distance. It was coming from my pack. I quickly got up, scraping my knee in the process and slightly yelping. Stupid thin ass dress.

I ran as fast as I possibly could down the fields of grass and trees, finally making it to my territory. Everyone was in a stance, some shifted, some standing as humans. I lifted my white dress sneaking along the lines of the territory. My nose sniffled and caused me to sneeze. I could smell pine cones with a mix of caramel. Everyone stared at me. The man which wasn't morphed and was standing in front of the invaders stared at me with a smirk plastered across his face.

Alpha Eron.

His eyes were a lovely chocolate brown with hair that matched perfectly painted with the color black. He had a nose piercing which suited him very well, along with a lovely body. I couldn't stop staring before I got knocked back to my senses. This man is going to take over our territory! I consider running off before he stopped me with his deep voice that sent chills down my spine. It held a dominant tone to it. "Come here, princess." He spoke out loud enough for everyone that stood in this territory to hear. I flinch, slowly walking towards him. My fathers wolf snarled at the most feared Alpha who was now standing here, asking for me. ME! To come towards him.

"Lovely, now I can see you better." His smirk rose up a little bit more. He turned to my father who was not moving from his spot. The wolves standing behind alpha Eron were ready to strike and claim this new found land as their own like normal.

Eron raised his palm, signalling them to stand down. My pack was still in stance, I was standing beside them. "If you allow me to bring my mate with me to my pack, I will leave you be." He turned back to me. My heart began pounding. This man was my mate. A monster. I felt like crying. My father only growled. "I suggest you shift back in order to speak, alpha Nicholas." He emphasized the name.

My father shifted, covering himself and quickly throwing on a pair of underwear that laid on the floor. "I will not allow my daughter to be taken by a man like you." He spoke loudly and growled.

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