Alex, Scott, Kristen and Carly.

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Gabbie falls asleep on Zane's shoulder..

L- I ship it.. *yawns*
D- We should go to sleep..
T- Yeah.. We should..

Everyone goes to sleep..

~The Next Morning~

Liza and Gabbie are the first people to wake up..

L- I'm hungry..
G- Haha. We should go to the kitchen and cook something.
L- Well, that sounds sexist.
G- Shit, it does.
L- Haha!
G- Haha!- Fuck, we should be quiet. We don't wanna wake up the guys..
L- Yeah, you're right..

They go into the kitchen..

G- Hm..
L- What's up?
G- Why is everything misplaced..?
L- That's weird.. Did someone break in last night..?
G- I don't know..

Gabbie checked the fridge..

G- Everything here is the same..
L- Was there something valuable in the kitchen?
G- Probably..

While they were cooking breakfast for themselves, Zane and Todd woke up.. They went to the kitchen to see Liza and Gabbie cooking.

T- Did you make some for us?
G- No! Make it yourself. Haha!
L- Haha.
Z- Damn it! Fine. Haha!
T- Okay. Haha!

After eating..

L- Has David woke up yet..?
G- I don't think so..
L- I'm gonna go check up on him..

Liza goes to David.. She sees him curled up in a ball sobbing..

L- David!
D- L-Liza..?
L- David..
D- *sniffs* Y-Yeah..?
L- Why are you crying.?😔
D- I feel terrible..
L- Is it because of everyone..?
D- Y-Yeah..😥
L- David I-..
D- The things is.. I-I don't know if they're alive..
L- What?!
D- I had tranquilliser guns.. Only 2 of them were pistols..
L- What do you mean..?
D- I-.. I mean Erin and Corinna used the tranquilliser guns by mistake..
L- Mistake?
D- Yeah.. They shot Alex, Carly, Scott and Kristen with them..
L- But.. I thought you shot Kristen..
D- I did.. But I used the tranquilliser gun.. When you guys brought the body to the other room, I told Todd and Heath to take her body to me.. She might of waken up.. But we never checked on her..
L- What about Carly..? Gabbie told me she heard Carly scream when she left the room..
D- Again.. Corinna used a tranquilliser gun..
L- Alex..?
D- Yeah.. Tranquilliser..
L- That means.. They could still be alive?!
D- Y-Yeah..
L- They could be alive.. That doesn't mean they died..
D- I don't know if they woke up..
L- We're not going back, we're gonna stay here.
L- Now, come have breakfast with us..

S- Kristen..?
A- Scott..?!
K- Carly?
C- Alex..?

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