Chapter One:Why me?

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Heyyyyy guys so how's life and all? Um so this is another sterek story I will be writing for ya so enjoy!


Derek groaned of course his sister had to steal his thin mints.He had specifically hidden them in his room because he knew that everyone in his family would get their grubby little paws on them.He checked around his room one last time before he confirmed that his older sister Laura had indeed stole his favorite cookies.Derek sighed and walked down the hall and banged on Laura's door.

"Laura open up!!."He shouted so that she would actually open the door.Loud footsteps enacted from the other side of the door and the locked clicked open.The door swung open and Laura stood there confidently,with a smug grin on her face.

"What?"She mocked innocence.Derek crossed his arms over his muscular chest and growled.He could smell the minty cookies from out here there was no way she could hide it from him.

"Oh you know what."He leaned in closer his eyes squinting a bit.She shrugged but still had that grin on her face never braking eye contact with her younger brother.He growled loudly.

"Someone's been practicing on their growl!"She ruffled his hair and chuckled as he tried to smack her hands away.Derek's sixteen he doesn't need his hair being ruffled like he's some child.

"Cookies,now!"He stook his hand out indicating that he wanted his cookies.She sighed and walked into her room retrieving a box that had once been in his room.She placed in his hand and shut the door behind her.He looked in the box to find it completely empty.



Stiles dreaded packing especially since he was so indecisive.He decided to pack his favorite batman shirt instead of his superman shirt and a couple of flannel shirts along with it,also some jeans,and about three pairs of shoes.He tucked his laptop and his charger in another bag.He didn't like where he was staying but he didn't want to make things anymore difficult then they already were.Stiles looked over all his stuff he had a man pouch for his tooth brush,brush,pills,and hair gel.

He sighed and scrunched his face up,he felt as if he was missing something.He groaned and looked over all his stuff,once,twice, even three times and he still felt like something was wrong.Thats when he saw the book that had been hidden under a couple of papers on his desk.He grabbed 'The hobbit' from his desk and put it in his bag.

Stiles's mother used to read that book to him almost every night when he was younger and he continued to read it night after night.It comfort him in the worst situations and it made him feel as if his mother was standing there right beside him.He sighed out in relief and made his way downstairs bags in his hands.

His father the sheriff sat there patiently reading a file from one of the cases he would be taking while he was out of town.Stiles was used to seeing his father stressed and tired,he frowned his dad looked worse then usual.He checked the time it was about eight at night,his father was leaving in the morning and so was Stiles.He placed his bags on the floor by the couches so he could just grab them when he leaves.

"Dad maybe you should catch some z's"Stiles walked sat beside his father who sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.Stiles gave him a pleading look and he nodded.

"Yeah,okay."His father agreed and stood up with a soft grunt.Stiles watched his father walk slowly up the stairs probably exhausted from work.Stiles went back up to his room and shut the door behind him with a loud sigh.He stripped off all his clothes except his boxers and shut off his bed.Stiles climbed into bed and curled up in a little ball in the middle of the mattress.

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