"We will also be holding a meeting for parents so we can update them on the situation," she said, sounding satisfied in knowing that she was doing what she was supposed to do.

     "Why are you holding it now?" Ronnie asked, glancing at me and validating the earlier feelings that I'd had in relation to the administration's investigation. They weren't doing anything, but there was no doubt St. Joe's would act like they did. It might as well have all been for show.

     "We didn't want to hold one too soon for the sake of stressing parents out," she said. "But now that we have resolved our investigation, we feel like it's the appropriate time to talk about it."

     "Have you even talked to the girls who were affected?" I asked, the words slipping out of my mouth before I could stop them. I knew that wasn't the appropriate tone to use, but I couldn't stop myself.

     Yanick moved her glasses up on the bridge of her nose. "We're not commenting on that at the moment. Our conduct with our students is private business."

     "Nothing is really private in this situation," I said, taking a cue from Vera and Sloane the day Vera's car had been graffitied. "I think the student body deserves some transparency."

     "If you want to know if we talked to the girls, talk to them yourselves," she said, her tone sharp. "Simple resolution."

     "That's fifteen girls," Ronnie said, "as opposed to you just telling us."

     "It's not our business to disclose."

      "We just want to know if you've spoken to them, not what you actually said," I said, leaning forward in my chair. "We understand privacy, but we also understand that people should know if this is actually being treated seriously. So far, it seems like it hasn't been, as confirmed by your nonchalance and the investigation that barely lasted a week."

     I knew I had crossed a line the second I finished speaking.

     "I think this interview is done," Yanick said, sitting up straighter in her chair. "You can see yourselves out. And remember that if you are planning on printing anything related to Nudegate, it has to go through me first. You've already had your first warning."

     "What happens at the second warning?" Ronnie asked, knowing she was playing with fire.

     "You'll have to find somewhere else to print your stories," she said, a scoff in her voice at the mention of our articles. Ronnie had been the relatively calm one, but I knew that downplaying Warrior Weekly was going to be a final straw for her.

     "Thank you for your time, Principal Yanick," Ronnie said and stood up. I exited the room without another word.

     And suddenly, it felt like déjà vu, with both of us standing in the hallway after a disappointing talk with Principal Yanick.

     "I despise her," Ronnie said as we walked down the hallway, shaking her head. "Absolutely despise her."

     Even though the interview had only been a few minutes, I decided I wasn't in the right state of mind to go back to class. Most of the material was pretty straight forward, so I wasn't worried about keeping up. Mostly I was just worried about how rapidly I was falling into this Nudegate story. It was like ending up at the bottom of a ten-foot hole with no way to get out.

     We walked back to the Warrior office and Ronnie closed the door, allowing for her to yell if need be. She'd done it before, but usually in relation to deadlines. While Yanick was traditionally – I think just by nature of being a high school principal – not transparent, this was different. She was doing the bare minimum and acting like it was enough.

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