Chapter 8

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Harriet p.o.v

We are on the train back. I was sitting on the bench across the Twins. They had written the family and somehow they, as usual, weren't surprised. They knew about my father but thought it was better to wait to tell me. They wrote in the letter that I would change them tonight and somehow I'm the one who's scared. I know that they want it but I'm not sure. I hope it will turn out the right way.

After we arrived Molly took me in the kitchen and locked the door with an charm and used a silent charm around the room. "Harriet dear, I heard from Severus that the vampire lord challenged you," She said. "That's right, But Molly you know that if I had a choice I would have turned the challenge down Right?" I asked her. "Of course, I know that you are tired of fighting. But do you know that those two have loved you for a long time? I always saw how they looked at you and I know That this may be soon after he died." Molly said. "I know but if I don't do this I'm not able to defeat the vampire lord because I'm unable to feed on those two. I'm sure you had these kinds of conversations with my father. I love them so much and for the first time in a long time I'm not alone because I have those two, even with Grindor I somehow felt lonely sometimes it didn't felt right but when I went through my inheritance I knew why, because we weren't meant to be together. I'm not saying I didn't love him but I don't know how to describe this feeling I have for those two," I said. Molly pulled me into a hug. "You was never alone. I'm happy that you're so honest towards me," she said. "Always, I have to go now Molly, It's time," I said and pulled out of the hug

We walked into the forest. "are the two of you ready?" I asked. they nobbed. I walked closer and before I knew my sight went black.

When I woke up I was laying on the cold snowy ground in the forest. The twins were bowed over me and had both blood red eyes. I got up and I realized how hungry I am. "Are you alright?" Fred asked me. "I believe she needs to feed," George said and he undid his shirt. I brought my mouth towards his shoulder and bit him. Fred led his hand on my shoulder to let me know that he was there for me. When I stopped Fred offered me his shoulder and I fed on Fred. 

When the sun rose I realized that Fred and George have to feed. "Don't worry," Fred said. "We have watched you," George continued. "Hunt a thousand times," Fred continues. "We know how to," George finished. "at least let me help you guys the first time," I said. 

After the two of them fed on a deer, we went back. "Where have the three of you been!?!" Sirius asked as he jumped/hugged me. I saw that Remus was looking at me and I knew he knew the moment I walked in. "It's a complicated story Sirius," I said. "She is the same as James, Sirius," Remus said. Sirius looked at Remus and then at me as he broke the hug. "Is it true?" He asked me. I noticed that he started to back away. He must hate me now I mean who wouldn't dispute a vampire. We are literally bloodsuckers. Good for nothing and we only care about our own kind. That is how people look at vampires after all.

 Remus walked towards me and hugged me. I froze by surprise and he hugged me even tighter. "It must have been hell those months, weren't they?" He asked me as he looked me in my eyes. He was the first person who asked me this. "Yeah...they were...difficult," I said slightly confused. Fred and George placed their hands on my shoulders and I noticed Remus took distance. "I see, these two are your mates," Sirius said. I looked over my shoulder to see that their eyes were red. "It's alright guys," I said and suddenly they focused on me instead of Remus. "Sorry," Fred said. "We didn't mean to," George continued. "Scare you away, it just," Fred continued. " gave us a warning feeling when," George continued. "When you hugged her." Fred finished towards Remus. "It's only natural for the male mates to be extra protective when other males are around," Sirius says. 

after a way too long breakfast I noticed that the daylight is really exhausting the guys so I went upstairs with them. Once in their room, I said down on the couch and took my book out of my bag. "If you're tired go sleep," I say. "It feels more comfortable if you lay with us," Fred says. I giggled and laid my book down. I walked towards the bed ( two beds shoved together to form one bed) and laid between them. soon the three of us fel asleep together

Molly p.o.v

What are those three doing upstairs it's time for lunch so I guess I have to get those three. I walked upstairs and walked into the room. I noticed figures on the bed and saw that they are asleep. "Vampire's are weak at day. I remember finding James like this a lot." I heard from behind. I turned around and saw Remus looking into the room. "Be happy that you walked in this scened remember how James was with Lily. they did it everywhere anywhere," He said. "Sometimes I don't want to know the whole story, you know that right?" I said towards him. "come on, let's go before we wake them up," I say as I close the door. 

Fred p.o.v

I woke up and noticed that George wasn't here. We agreed that we would let each other have some alone time with her sometimes and today is my turn. I smile at the sleeping Harriet in my arm. She is so cute like this. I remember the first time we met her at the train station in London. She had no idea of the whole Wizarding world and I couldn't help but think of her as cute. In her second year, we learned how horrible people her family is and let's say be happy that I didn't kill them. Harriet started to shift into my arms and buried her face in my chest. Slowly she got up and looked at me with a sleepy face. "good morning beautiful," I say. "Mornin, handsome," She says and get up to go to the bathroom.

Harriet p.o.v

I was changing clothing and started to think. Suddenly I realized my period should have started tonight but I didn't bleed. Maybe I'm late or I'm having a real problem. Once changed and sure I'm secure of not leaking through I walked into the room. Fred still in bed and I sat at the side. He threw his arm around my waist and pulled me into bed. "Your mother will be suspicious. We all know what will happen if that happens," I said and got up. "See you at breakfast," I said and walked downstairs. 

1 week later. 

I woke up and ran to the bathroom to throw up. Fred and George ran after me to see me hanging over the toilet throwing up. I'm feeling like trash. "Hey, are you alright?" George asks. "I'm getting mom," Fred says and run out of the room while George stays with me. 

Molly p.o.v

I'm busy cooking breakfast when Fred runs down the stairs. "How many time do I have to tell you.." I begin. "No running in-house I know but Harriet isn't feeling well," he said. I run with him upstairs and once in the bathroom, I see a Harriet who's throwing up and George who's rubbing circles on her back. I know exactly why she's throwing up. Lily looked like that when she had morning sickness

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