Sophmore year.

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《Also before I forget there is a sequel to this book!!! Called,"Secrets and lies" go check it out if you already finished this book!!!!》

Taylor's P.O.V

I start to walk towards Jacob and he walked towards me. We looked into each others eyes. Something about his eyes...his eyes were green with blue in the center and they would shine..he leaned towards me and..he was just about to....

"Taylor!!!" I could hear my mom screaming my name. I just got up and took a shower brushed my hair and put on some skinny jeans and flower tank top with a cardigan, then to match my outfit I put on a natural make-up look, then put on a pair of my gray converse.

"Ugff why did I have to wake up?" Walking down stairs I took my back pack and books and got some cereal.

"Good morning sleepy head!" my dad telling me as I was stuffing the last peice of cereal in my mouth.

"Good morning dad.. mom" they just looked at me I shrugged my shoulders as if I could care less, and my mom and I walked outside to the car.

"Sweetie I want you to make friends." I just put my pair of my head phones listening to the classical music. My mom dropped me off and I got out walking to the office to pick up my schedule when I saw my friend Emily. Emily's one of my best friends we've known each other ever since I was four years old. Shes been my friend through thick and thin.

"Omg Tay!!!" I looked at her with a smile. Emily is super pretty which I don't under stand why she would hang out with four eyes here.

"Hey em." I looked at her with a bright smile.

"Taylor we gotta get to class but first lets get our schedule. Kay.?!!!" She looked at me like she was the happiest person on earth.

"Yeah sure"

Once we got out the office I saw Jacob Parker. Let me tell you about Jacob he is tall and has dark black hair,green eyes with blue. Everyone says he's the bad boy of the school. But honeslty I think there's more to him.

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